Abakion Apps – pricing and documentation

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Microsoft AppSource
Videos on Use Dynamics
Getting started guide
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Partner Sales
Book online demo
Release notes
How to guides
Development notes
App Bundle (select 5 apps)
Free apps
Graphical Inventory Profile FREE
Job Time Mobile FREE
Use Dynamics FREE
Master Data Management
Master Data Information
Sales and Customers
Assign Quantity
Separate price model
B2B Ecommerce
Commerce Manager
Document Customizer
Document Handling
Rental Management
Shortage on Demand Orders
Subscription Management
Sales Container Handling
Purchase and Vendors
Purchase Container Handling
Purchase Order Management
Planning and Availability
Flexible Forecast
Reverse Planning
Warehouse and Shipments
Labels Mobile
Shipping Manager
nShift Shipping Connector FREE WITH
Shipmondo Shipping Connector FREE WITH
YourGLS Shipping Connector FREE WITH
Warehouse Manager
Blue Water 3PL Connector FREE WITH
Bring Shelfless 3PL Connector FREE WITH
Warehouse Mobile
Global Business
Global Master Data Sync
Production Order Cost Calc.
Routing and BOM overview FREE WITH
Sales Configurator
Shop Floor Mobile
Data Access for Business Central
Duty Reporting
VAT Rate per Dimension FREE WITH
Connector tools
Dynamic Data Exchange
ROB-EX Scheduler Connector
Separate price model
Timelog PSA
First, select Apps in the list above.
Second, calculate your total subscription price in the boxes to the right.
number of full users
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discount on base price
Premium, Essential and Device Users count, no matter if they are used by employees, devices, integrations og external consultants. Team members do not count, and non-activated full users do not count either.
Save with the App Bundle
The App Bundle saves you a lot of money when you select many apps. You get 5 apps at a discounted price, and additional apps are discounted as well.
With the apps you have selected, it's cheaper to select the App Bundle:
Save with the Shipping Manager
If you select more than 2 Shipping Connectors, you can save money by selecting the Shipping Manager app which includes all available Shipping Connectors.
With the connectors you have selected, it's cheaper to select the Shipping Manager:
Selected apps DKK 0,00
Based on the total number of activated full users: 0
Selected apps: -
Total price DKK 0,00
-  Partner discount 20% DKK 0,00
Partner amount DKK 0,00

3 mechanisms in the pricing model you must know:

The decreasing user price

All Apps have a base price, which only depends on the number of users (activated premium, essential and device users, not including team member or non-activated full users).

If you only buy a single user, you must pay 100% of the base price.

If you buy more users, the user price drops more and more the more users you buy. And it is the price for all users that will be lower – not just the additional users.

If 1 user costs 100% of the base price, then 2 users cost 84% of the base price for each, and 3 users cost 76% of the base price for each, etc.

Already at 16 users it is half price on all 16 users.

0 %
discount on base price
0 users

Graphically, the price model looks like in this chart.

Abakion Apps price curve

Discount with App Bundle

If you select a few Apps, they may have different base prices.

Abakion Apps price curve

But if you need more apps, then it pays to choose the App Bundle. With a subscription to the App Bundle, you can choose 5 apps on a single subscription. Our top tier apps are discounted 58 %, when you select them as part of the app bundle.

And there is one more benefit: Additional apps beyond the 5 included apps also drop to the lowest pricing tier.

Abakion Apps price curve

Discount for annual invoicing

The subscription can be invoiced monthly or annually. It is optional. And we have exactly the same pricing model as Microsoft on this point: If you choose annual billing, you get a 16.67% discount. If you would rather calculate the other way, it is 20% more expensive to choose monthly payment than annual payment.