Graphical Inventory Profil

A tool to Predict and Prevent Supply Problems

What is Graphical Inventory Profile?

All businesses occasionally find themselves unable to fill sales orders at the agreed-upon time because even though the desired products are in stock, they have been set aside for other purposes.

Graphical Inventory Profile provides an overview of future supply problems for each and every product and shows the means by which the company can counteract them.

Graphical inventory profile

Key Advantages

For Økonomichefen

For the Purchaser

  • When timely supply must be ensured, the purchaser can use Purchase orders or Item cards to find out whether stocks are at critical levels.
  • The graphical overview makes it easier for the purchaser to prioritise orders.
  • The overview also contributes to the decision-making process by showing whether anticipated requirements are based on forecasts or actual orders.
For indkøb og planlægning

For the Planner

  • The planner receives all of the product information that can contribute to evaluating orders in the worksheet.
  • The graph marks each movement of stock: Hover the mouse of the notation to display the type of increase or decrease in stock.
  • The graphical overview helps the planner determine whether to move or otherwise alter orders to meet the actual needs.
For Salg og Marketing

For the Sales Person

  • Find out in one click when the product is available and which other requirements it must fill.
  • The graphical overview provides the Sales Person instant access to unambiguous information on when the product is expected to come into and go out of stock.

Core functions in Graphical Inventory Profile

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How does Graphical Inventory Profile work?

Overview of Supply to Customers Abakion’s Graphical Inventory Profile gives you an instant overview of a particular product’s stock development.

This graphical overview indicates the availability of the product as well as any anticipated increases or decreases in stock.

The stock profile can be viewed with or without a forecast.

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Focus on Critical Orders

Be able to read increases and decreases in stock on the basis of purchase orders, production orders, and product cards.

Graphical Inventory Profile lets you identify critical products and determine which purchase orders to prioritise.

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Prevent Supply Problems

Once Graphical Inventory Profile has determined which products are unavailable for future deliveries, the add-on can then highlight those sales orders that need to be altered so that the order can be filled.

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Follow the Planners’ Work

If the planners are already at work, you can read planned orders as well as see plans for changes in product movement.

You can zoom in and view planning details for a particular time period.

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