Gain control of the purchasing process with Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Get an actionable overview of all requests that are unresponded by suppliers
– within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Benefits of Purchase Order Management

These are your general benefits:

  • Planners and purchasers will save a lot of time
  • One overview for all employees to see status of purchase orders
  • Reduced costs and fewer typing errors

Benefits for the purchaser

  • Save time on purchase order change processes.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of outstanding requests to suppliers which everyone can see.
  • Save time on reminding vendors for responses.
  • Get an overview of what was actually agreed – and what was only asked for but not yet confirmed.
  • Use Purchase Order Management for Web to allow suppliers to input responses directly into your purchase handling journal through a web interface.

Benefits for the planner

  • Save time when sending orders and processing action messages.
  • Orders or inquiries to suppliers can be sent with one click.
  • Requisition queries to a number of suppliers can be sent from the planning journals without creating orders.
  • Quotes can be accepted and changed to orders with one click.

… and these are the most popular features:

Functionality of Purchase Order Management

All the great features of Purchase Order Management

Overview of all purchase order queries for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Overview of all Purchase Requisitions

When you send a Purchase Order Requisition or wish to modify a Purchase Order, a handling line is created in the Purchase Handling Journal. This compiles all the queries that are awaiting reply. You can accept, reject or send reminders for each query directly from the journal.

Automated e-mails with templates for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automated e-mails with text templates

New orders, requisitions, cancellations or change requests are merged automatically into e-mails, and everything is prepopulated from text templates. If you have no changes, you can simply press Send.

Tracking change requests in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Tracking change requests

All types of changes (quantity, price, expected receipt date or expected shipment date) are created in separated fields on the purchase order lines. Data regarding the original agreement and the requested changes are clearly separated.

Total control from the Requisition Worksheet in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Total control from the Requisition Worksheet

When working in the Requisition or Planning worksheet, all new queries about orders or offers can be created directly. From the Action Message you can merge e-mails with a single click for changes or cancellation of requests to the supplier. Queries are created as a separate line in the Purchase Handling Journal.

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