Purchase Order Management

Overview of all queries

What is Purchase Order Management?

In standard Dynamics NAV you cannot control changes in purchase orders, and therefore purchasers use post-it and Excel to remember outstanding queries.

In Purchase Order Management an intermediary – a purchase handling journal – is introduced, in which all outstanding queries from the purchase order can be seen in one general overview – across all users. The journal connects Planning in NAV with Purchase Orders and Quotes.

purchase order management display

Key Advantages

For Økonomichefen

For the Purchaser

  • Save time on purchase order modification processes.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of outstanding requests to suppliers which everyone can see.
  • Save time on reminding vendors for responses.
  • Get an overview of what was actually agreed and what was only asked about, but not yet confirmed.
  • Acquiring Purchase Order Handling for Web saves time on inputting responses from suppliers. These are written directly into the purchase handling journal via the Internet.
For indkøb og planlægning

For the Planner

  • Save time on processes when sending orders and Carrying out action messages.
  • Orders or inquiries to suppliers can be sent with one click to suppliers.
  • Requisition queries to a number of suppliers can be sent from the planning journals without creating orders.
  • Quotes can be accepted and changed to orders with one click.
For Salg og Marketing

For the Finance Manager

  • Planners and purchasers will save a lot of direct time.
  • One overall view of queries makes it possible for salespeople, production people, etc. to see the status of the purchase orders without having to ask the buyers, which saves everyone time.
  • Reduced costs and fewer typing errors, because data is sent around the whole process.

Core functions in Purchase Order Management

nr 1 kernefunktioner

Overview of all queries

When you send a purchase order, requisition or wish to modify a purchase order, a handling line is created in the Purchase Handling Journal.

This collects together all the queries that are awaiting reply. You can accept, reject or send reminders about these queries directly from the journal.

nr 2 kernefunktioner

Automatic e-mails with text templates

New orders, requisitions, cancellations or change requests are merged automatically into e-mails where everything is prefilled from text templates.

If there are no changes you can simply press Send.

nr 3 kernefunktioner

Automatically generated link to web portal

When an e-mail is created in Dynamics NAV for an order request or for changes to an order, the e-mail will automatically contain a link on which the vendor can click to reply.

nr 4 kernefunktioner

Total control from the Requisition Worksheet

When working in the Requisition or Planning worksheet, all new queries about orders or offers can be created directly.

From the Action Message you can merge e-mails with a single click for changes or cancellation of requests to the supplier. Queries are created as a separate line in the Purchase Handling Journal.

nr 5 kernefunktioner

Central web portal with your logo

The vendor enters a website that is centrally hosted by Abakion but that nevertheless contains your logo, Thus resembling your portal to vendor.

The vendor types a reply concerning quantity date, and Price via the web portal, and this is automatically transferred to your Purchase Handling Journal, where you can handle it.

nr 6 kernefunktioner

Tracking change requests

All types of changes (quantity, price, expected receipt date or expected shipment date) are created in separated fields on the purchase order lines, so that things originally agreed and the requested changes are clearly separated.

nr 6 kernefunktioner

Confirm or reject with one click

From Purchase Order Portal, you can easily confirm all of the lines for which the vendor has met your requests.

You can easily see any deviations from the requests and can confirm or reject all lines with a single click, thereby also updating your purchase order lines with the correct data Bill of material, the underlying in the hierarchy will also be unfolded.

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