Automated Order integration between Companies

What is Intercompany?

Abakion’s Intercompany Add-on combines sales and purchase order processes across Companies.

Using this Add-on provides the Sales Company with the ability to create an order chain with just one click towards the production Company.

The orders are linked together enabling Drop Shipments, Item Tracking and Change management.


Key Advantages

For Økonomichefen

For the Financial Manager

  • The time handling of Order processes is reduced to a minimum due to the automation of processes.
  • Simultaneous posting on all related order documents ensure correct warehouse data across Companies.
For indkøb og planlægning

For the Sales Manager

  • The handling time of orders and the related communication is brought to a minimum.
  • Automated Change Management enables efficient updating of the related order documents.
  • Using the Graphical Item Availability or Better Forecast Add-ons in the Supply Chain Box, enables the Sales person in the Sales Company to receive a complete overview of the item availability in the Production Company.
For Salg og Marketing

For the Warehouse Manager

  • Return Order processes are handled smoothly depending on the Return Code entered.
  • Significant time usage reduction within registration as the item Tracking is fully supported in coherence with Order documents involved.

Core functions in Intercompany

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How does Intercompany work?

Intercompany includes an automated document flow.

Hence,a document creation chain is triggered with the creation of a Sales Order in the Sales Company as this automatically starts a related Sales Order in the Production Company.

The Order Handling is configurable and determined by the setup. Hence, delivery can be a drop shipment order or shipped directly from the Production Company to the Customer or a combination of the two.

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Shipment posting on all three documents

If the Order is a drop shipment, the Shipment adress from the Sales Company is automatically added as Shipment adress in the Production Company and “shipment of the goods” will be posted in all three documents directly when posting in the Production Company.

Otherwise posting of shipment is handled manually.

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Change Management

It is possible to change quantity and dates or even add new lines on the Sales Orders in both Companies.

The changes will automatically be transferred to the three documents. Likewise “avail to produce” can be calculated in either Company depending on the setup defined.

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Advanced Return Order Management

The configuration of the Reason Code defines which documents are automatically triggered within the Supply Chain.

If an item is returned by Vendor for repairment and shipped directly to the Customer all Return Orders and “forward” orders are automatically created in the Sales and the Production Company.

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