Connect your Business Central with the TimeLog PSA solution

TimeLog PSA software connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

This app connects your Business Central with TimeLog PSA, which helps you improve your internal processes.
It empowers consulting businesses to grow and increase billable hours, profitability per hour & create a community of happy time trackers.

Let TimeLog and Business Central work together

With this integration between TimeLog and Business Central, you get a feeling of working in a coherent business solution. All relevant data is synchronized between the two solutions, and you can finally replace stressful invoicing days with invoice automation.

TimeLog makes time tracking a no-brainer with intuitive and flexible time tracking for you and your colleagues whether you prefer the mobile app, desktop, or web installation. With easy time tracking, you get more accurate data and increase your billable hours.

When time tracking is in place, project managers can take 100% ownership of both project finances and planning with state-of-the-art project tools, intelligent resource planning and automated invoicing to boost your profit.

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Main Benefits of connecting TimeLog with Business Central

For the Accountant:

  • Automated invoicing
  • Easy and quick creation of invoices

For the Time Tracker:

  • Flexible and intuitive time tracking with app, desktop and web
  • Time tracking and resource planning with integration for Outlook
  • Mileage and expense tracking

For the Project Manager:

  • Full project management and budgeting
  • Easy handling of project financials
  • Full transparency in real time
  • Easy maintenance of customers and contact information

The features of TimeLog

Time tracking with TimeLog for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Available anywhere

Flexible and intuitive time tracking. Choose whether you want to use the time tracking app for mobile, the timesheet, the Outlook integration or the online time tracker.

TimeLog Mobile for Dynamics 365 Business Central

On the mobile

With TimeLog Mobile, you can register time, mileage and expenses. With a single tap you select, if you track billable or non-billable time and you can add a % factor for overtime or urgent tasks.

Personalized timesheet with TimeLog for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Personalized timesheet

Detailed or straightforward – you choose. The timesheet can be personalized and managers can use an easy approval flow.

Automate invoicing with TimeLog for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automated invoicing

You can create over 100 invoices in a short time, still secure the quality of your invoices and quickly transfer them to Business Central.

Project Management with TimeLog for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Project Management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and e-mails to finance. Leave the responsibility for structuring and budgeting the projects in their way to the project managers. Project managers can control hourly rates, milestones, payments and the overall financial health of the projects.

Project Templates with TimeLog for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Project Templates

You can create and maintain projects from standard templates to ensure uniform task structures and simplicity.

Contract Management with TimeLog for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Contract Management

Get financial control from day one. TimeLog can handle simple and complex contracts whether you use subscriptions, prepaid hours, fixed price or one-off products

Forecast revenue with TimeLog for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Forecast revenue

With TimeLog, you know your exact forecasted revenue at the end of the month. We assign revenue to each hour using smart revenue recognition principles already when registering time and without booking any transactions.

Download and install now

Get the app from Microsoft AppSource, and install it in your Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app is only available on the current cloud-edition of Business Central.

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