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Using apps – we have migrated 200+ customers to the Cloud-version (SaaS) of Business Central, and most of them have no Customer Extensions at all.

They are companies of all sizes with Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management.

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Abakion is worldwide Partner of the Year on Business Central
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Abakion Apps for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Join this journey using Apps from Abakion. You retain your relationship with your customer. We offer a suite of 40+ apps that solve your customers’ pains, so you do not need a whole range of app partners.

Benefit 1

Be competitive

Use Apps to deploy solutions for customers easier and quicker.

As a Business Central-partner you can use Apps from Microsoft AppSource to become more competitive when offering Business Central in the cloud in your market. The end customers often prefer proven solutions over custom development.

Benefit 2

Gain market share

Use Apps to win a bigger share of the Dynamics-market.

As a Microsoft-partner you can easier offer Business Central for midsized companies.

Apps make it easier to deploy solutions with complex requirements from the end customers.

why partner with abakion?
We know your business
We support you all the way
Attractive partner terms
Extensive apps catalogue
Demos and online training
Move your customers to the cloud

Collapporation :–)

The Abakion Partner Program is designed to make it simple and easy to collaborate with Abakion – and to succeed with using Abakion Apps in your customer projects.

The ambition for our partnership

Maybe it’s the first time you are considering including an Abakion App in your project. Maybe you have already experienced Abakion Apps and want to add more apps to your toolbox.

When working with a new app, it’s important to us that it’s simple for you to learn and understand our apps. It must be easy for you to explain the relevance to your customer. It must be easy for you to learn the app and work with it.

We understand your situation

We know what it’s like to be a Microsoft partner. We know what it means to have customers. We ourselves are VAR (retailers of Business Central) in Denmark (only), so we know your world. Outside Denmark, we are primarily ISV (vendor of apps for Business Central).

We understand what is at stake for you when you choose to include 3rd party apps in a project. We know that your end customer will hold you responsible for the solution in its entirety, including our apps, and therefore our most important task is to make you shine in the eyes of the customers.

We know what you need, and we also know when it’s better to say no when our app is not the right match for your customer’s needs. You and we are only successful when the customer is happy with our entire solution.

Overview of the Abakion Apps Partner Program

We have your back all the way through the life cycle of your customer relationships.

1: Knowledge and Training »

2: Presales and Sales »

3: Partner Support »

4: Assisted Implementation »

We support you

Knowledge and Training – this is how we help you

Self-service learning at Use Dynamics

We produce as much content about the apps as possible. We have instructional videos on usedynamics.com, and we are working on producing getting-started-guides for the apps.

Our videos on Use Dynamics focus on configuration and functionality.

Let’s teach your consultants

If you want to be a partner at Abakion, we want you to enter the collaboration wholeheartedly. We do. We think you should invest some time and money in getting your consultants to learn our apps. You will have the most success with that.

We would like to offer you a training session with your consultants so that they know the relevant apps in depth. Then they become experts and don’t have to draw nearly as much on us. It is a paid service, but we will find a reasonable price so you can get started using the apps and be successful from day one.

Keeping you up-to-date

We do everything we can to keep you updated on the apps you use.

We have a monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date on news about Abakion Apps in general, our collaboration, news from Microsoft – and puts spotlights on individual apps you might not know yet.

Release notes

We have committed to Microsoft to keep all apps up to date so that they are ready for future versions of Business Central in good time.

Our product team tests all apps against the upcoming versions, and their dashboard shows when there are apps that need to be updated to work perfectly in upcoming versions. (Green means no action requires, yellow means changes have been implemented, and red means work must be done).

This ensures that when Microsoft updates Business Central at the end customers, our apps are also ready for use.

All changes in apps are documented in Release Notes, which you can find here on our support site.

Product Team Dashboard

Presales and Sales – this is how we help you

Custom presales

When you ask us for help with sales, we take pride in being available to help. We participate as your assistant in presales.

You decide what our role is in a sales meeting, but it is important to us that you are the one who controls the relationship with the customer. Everything should go through you – and your customer should not be communicating directly with us.

Within reason, our presale assistance is free of charge. We always tell you in advance if there is something that costs money.

Scheduled demos

For all our main groups of apps we have recurring scheduled demo meetings. You or your customers can visit our demo calendar, and it’s very simple to book and participate. It’s free of charge.

We meet on Teams, we present and demonstrate the app, and you have the opportunity to ask questions.

Partner Support – this is how we help you

It’s your customer. You are the one who has first level support with your customer.

If there are questions you cannot answer yourself, you can contact our partner support. Should there be bugs, the help is of course free. If our support team deals with something that is our responsibility, then of course it does not cost money, but if you would like assistance with your work or with questions regarding user help, you can buy our help. If we collaborate on many customers, let’s arrange a volume discount or a support agreement.

Our standard hourly rate is DKK 1810 (that’s about 245 euros or 260 usd), which you get a 20 % partner discount on.

Assisted Implementation – this is how we help you

Get ready to implement

If you want to prepare to handle the app implementation yourself, we have the necessary materials to help you. Begin by watching the videos at Use Dynamics. We have both user guide videos – but also videos about how to configure and get started with the apps.

You can subscribe to the App through the In-App Purchase in your Business Central and pay by credit card or invoice.

Then visit our partner support website where you can find how-to guides and FAQs for our apps.

This should prepare you for taking care of things on your own. But if you need help, you can consult our support team.


At the beginning of our collaboration, you can choose whether you want to buy our help to implement apps. You can also use that option if you have a complicated project where you would like us to take responsibility for the part of the delivery that includes Abakion Apps.

Basically, we want to be at your disposal whenever you need it. We want to make it a success for you and your customer. With that in mind, we are sure we can agree on a suitable schedule and price so that it works for all parties.

Commercial Partner Model

Commercial partner model

If you want to go into detail, you can read our license terms, general terms and privacy policy here – but in the following sections we explain the terms we are often asked about.

Partner share

Our partner model is quite simple. You get 20 % commission of the price of the end customer’s subscription, and we prefer that you invoice the customer, so you are a single point of contact. All apps are subscription based, paid monthly or annually, and you get 20 % regardless of which subscription the customer prefers.

Prices based on users

All prices are calculated based on the number of activated full users. Premium, Essential and Device User count, no matter if they are used by employees, devices, integrations, and external consultants. Team members do not count, and non-activated full users do not count either.

The number of full users is the way we scale the price according to the size of the company. It is therefore not relevant how many people use the app’s functionality on a daily basis. It is solely the number of full users that regulates the price.

Changes in subscriptions

From month to month, you can change the number of users. There is no formal notice of changes. Our licensing engine will occasionally check the number of activated full users in your Business Central instance, and the subscription will automatically be adjusted accordingly.

If you reduce the number of users or cancel the subscription in the middle of a subscription period, regardless of whether it is a month or a year, then the remaining part of the period will not be refunded. The change will take effect from the next subscription date.

If you increase the number of users in the middle of a period, we will invoice the difference for the remainder of the period and your next subscription invoice will reflect the change.

Easy In-app purchase in Business Central

You can subscribe to the App through the In-App Purchase in your Business Central and pay by credit card or invoice. See how easy it is on this page.

Add functionality to apps

You are welcome to build on top of our apps. The code in our apps is locked and all apps are maintained and updated by us. So, you cannot edit the code of our apps.

But you can build on top of the apps. There are several partners who have built customer-specific solutions for selected industries or professions by adding extensions to an Abakion Apps. You may as well.

3 mechanisms in the pricing model you must know:

The decreasing user price

All Apps have a base price, which only depends on the number of users (activated premium, essential and device users, not including team member or non-activated full users).

If you only buy a single user, you must pay 100% of the base price.

If you buy more users, the user price drops more and more the more users you buy. And it is the price for all users that will be lower – not just the additional users.

If 1 user costs 100% of the base price, then 2 users cost 84% of the base price for each, and 3 users cost 76% of the base price for each, etc.

Already at 16 users it is half price on all 16 users.

0 %
discount on base price
0 users

Graphically, the price model looks like in this chart.

Abakion Apps price curve

Discount with App Bundle

If you select a few Apps, they may have different base prices.

Abakion Apps price curve

But if you need more apps, then it pays to choose the App Bundle. With a subscription to the App Bundle, you can choose 5 apps on a single subscription. Our top tier apps are discounted 58 %, when you select them as part of the app bundle.

And there is one more benefit: Additional apps beyond the 5 included apps also drop to the lowest pricing tier.

Abakion Apps price curve

Discount for annual invoicing

The subscription can be invoiced monthly or annually. It is optional. And we have exactly the same pricing model as Microsoft on this point: If you choose annual billing, you get a 16.67% discount. If you would rather calculate the other way, it is 20% more expensive to choose monthly payment than annual payment.

Bo Hansen Hansen at Abakion

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Partner program: https://abakion.com/partner/

Apps catalogue: https://abakion.com/dynamics-365/apps/

On-demand training: https://usedynamics.com/apps/

Online demo calendar: https://abakion.com/dynamics-365/apps/demos/

200 ERP questions: https://abakion.com/business-central-book/

Release notes: https://abakion.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Abakion Support (Zendesk): https://abakion.com/partner/support/