Launch a B2B webshop with no integration work and no heavy maintenance

B2B Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The B2B E-commerce app enables you to launch an online B2B store in no time – integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Skip the heavy maintenance of a stand-alone B2B webstore.

Meet your new web store for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Shopify revolutionized B2C-ecommerce with their plug’n’play solution. Now we do the same for B2B web stores.

With the app B2B Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can start a new B2B web store in less than 20 minutes – with a price from EUR 224 / USD 253 per month.

The traditional challenge

A B2B-store is expensive to set up and integrate with ERP, and often there are manual processes and manual data maintenance.

This is a problem when all product data, inventories and order data are in 2 places and all changes need to be synchronized back and forth.

The requirements

A B2B-ecommerce store must be closely integrated with ERP, because the customer must have all product data, precise information about stock, delivery time, and the webshop must provide precise prices with regard to customer-specific agreements and current campaigns.

You must provide the customer an accurate and reliable experience at the B2B store.

The solution

The smart solution is to use this App for Business Central. The app displays ERP data in an interface that works exactly like a webstore.

Your customers actually use live Business Central data, but it all looks like a regular web store.

There are no updates or integration, and the ecommerce-store can use all processes and data in Business Central.

Ecommerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can design your B2B ecommerce store any way you like

The features of B2B Ecommerce

Master Data Management for B2B Ecommerce in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Master data management

Build you own master data hierarchy inside Business Central – and select which items and data to show on the ecommerce-store. You only maintain data and the structure in Business Central.

Accurate master data for B2B Ecommerce in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Always accurate

There is no integration, only live data, so inventories and delivery dates are always accurate.

Instantly updated B2B Ecommerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Instantly updated

When customers put items in the basket, they actually put Item Lines on a Sales Quote in Business Central, and your customer service employees can see this data right away in Business Central.

Business processes for B2B Ecommerce in Dynamics 365 Business Central

No updating is required

All Business Central processes can be used in the ecommerce-store. If you create a new discount agreement for a specific customer with a complicated calculation in Business Central, it will take effect in the online store immediately.


Does Business Central have ecommerce?

The Business Central ERP-solution from Microsoft does not include a native ecommerce-solution. Either you must integrate to a separate ecommerce-solution – or you can add an ecommerce app inside Business Central. For B2B, you can use an app for Business Central that doesn’t require an external solution at all.

What is Ecommerce for Business Central?

If you need a B2B webshop, it is possible to use the ecommerce-solution for Business Central called B2B Ecommerce. You will find it on Microsoft AppSource. It makes it possible to manage and maintain a webshop entirely from inside the ERP solution without using a stand-alone ecommerce solution.

How is ecommerce managed in Business Central?

When you have item and order data in both Business Central, a product information system (PIM) and an ecommerce solution, you must replicate data in many directions. Using apps to pull the PIM and ecommerce inside Business Central, you will be able to manage all data from the ERP solution.

How do I manage product data for a webshop?

In Business Central you can build the hierarchies of product data and product categories. The ecommerce app for Business Central will replicate this structure and data to the webshop, and this way you will only have to maintain data inside the ERP solution, Business Central.

How do I integrate a webshop to Business Central?

If you have a stand-alone webshop, and you want to integrate it to Business Central, it requires an integration project. You may search Microsoft AppSource to find an integration app to make the project easier, or you may consider replacing the stand-alone systems with the ecommerce app for Business Central.

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Download and install now

Get the app from Microsoft AppSource, and install it in your Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app is only available on the current cloud-edition of Business Central.

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B2B Ecommerce pricing

We have 3 pricing plans to be able to offer you a low entry price
and allow you to grow with the solution.

The plan limits are guidelines. We never throttle customers or cut your site off for getting a traffic spike.
When your numbers consistently exceeds your plan limits, we will have a talk with you to determine which plan best fits your needs.


< 100 Active customers
< 1500 Items in shop

800 dkk/mo base price


< 1000 Active customers
< 5000 Items in shop

2000 dkk/mo base price


Unlimited Active customers
Unlimited Items in shop

4400 dkk/mo base price

Calculate your own price

Enter your data and see how little the solution will cost you.

Initial Project

Fixed price
Guided process
The initial project gets you set up with the solution and trained to maintain master data for the ecommerce site.


Per Month. Paid Yearly
Startup Plan
The subscription covers the two apps B2B Ecommerce and Master Data Information, and hosting your ecommerce site on Microsoft Azure. Everything you need to run your B2B ecommerce site.

See how you Unbox your
B2B Ecommerce to get started

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Don’t just take our word for it

Watch the review from the Illinois (US) based Business Central provider, Solution Systems, Inc. They are Microsoft Gold Certified and Microsoft Presidents Club member. Be sure to follow their channel here.

“It was literally just a couple of days from when we had our first conversation to when we were able to log in to the webshop and place orders and look at the data in there.”


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