Get 4 essential apps most companies need for Business Central

The App Bundle is a collection of essential apps that all companies need. It’s all the stuff you would traditionally hire a consultant to customize. And it’s also a great way to get huge discounts on additional apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Abakion App Bundle

Now, let’s go through the apps

Master Data app for Business Central


Master data

Design data structures for items, vendors and customers.

Document customization app for Business Central



Customize the layout of invoices and other documents.

Integrations for Business Central



Configure data integrations without a developer

Document Handling for Business Central



Send personalized emails with documents your recipients will trust

Master Data ManagementMaster Data Management

You need abilty to design data structures for items, vendors and customers.

  • You can create fields without customizing
  • and have text fields with no length restriction.
  • You can create items from a template
  • and search for items across all master data.
  • You can also run mass updates on many records at the same time, ie. If you need to rename an item.
  • And item data files from suppliers are easy to upload.
  • You can also manage item data in HTML format, so you can manage all your online shop data centrally from Business Central.
  • No redundant maintenance.

Customized Documents

You must be able to customize your layout so that your outgoing documents are consistent with your company’s brand – and they contain the information you want. This typically applies to:

  • Sales invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery notes
  • Purchase orders
  • Quotes

You can have reports in several languages, where you can change all of the text in the reports. You can also have different layouts with different profiles. You can insert logo or background image on all of your reports, position the address fields to fit your envelopes, and you can even manage text in documents by period.

Here are some examples where our customers have created a delivery note with special customs regulations and an invoice with a logo inserted.

Dynamic Data ExchangeDynamic Data Exchange

With Dynamic Data Exchange you can configure integrations and data imports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – without having to spend a lot of money on developing custom import functionality. An integration can be set up entirely using data settings. You may do it yourself or get a consultant to do it. Either way, it’s quite simple.

  • Automated, scheduled integrations
  • No limit to number of integrations or amount of data
  • Multiple protocols, like FTP, Webservice, SOAP, REST
  • Multiple data type like CSV, XML, Json
  • Simple mapping of tables and fields
  • Merge, crop, calculate, translate, format etc.
  • Map external account numbers to your chart of accounts

Document HandlingDocument Handling

Document Handling provides you a full-featured solution to send emails with documents attached from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Out-of-the-box Business Central may get you some of the way, but Document Handling enables you to easily manage language versioning, edit the email content before sending, personalize, manage multiple recipients etc.

Many system-generated emails are not trusted, because they are not personalized and understandable for the recipient. Don’t let your Invoice be mistaken for a malicious email attachment. It’s bad for your brand – and you don’t get paid.

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Get the apps from Microsoft AppSource, and install them in your Business Central.
The 4 apps are listed individually on AppSource, and you may subscribe to them individually or as a bundle. But start out by testing them for free for 60 days.

App Bundle pricing

App Bundle

Per named user per month at 10 users.
Single user is DKK 405,00.
You get our most popular apps with this bundle.
Document CustomizerRead
Dynamic Data ExchangeRead
Document HandlingRead
Master Data InformationRead
And on top of that – you get additional apps at an extremely discounted price. Only kr. 42,20 per app at 10 users (kr. 75,00 at 1 user).
Select the number of users. Pricing is always based on the total number of named users in your Business Central subscription at Microsoft.
10 users
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