Shop Floor

Simple and quick Material & Time registration in Manufacturing

What is Shop Floor?

Abakion Shop Floor is designed from a user Work flow perspective.

The intuitive user interface makes registration on Production Orders in Dynamics NAV easy to understand and it reduces registration time.

With keyboard or scanner the Production Employee can quickly figure out which materials to consume or to start or stop either Operation time or Setup time on a Production Order. Attendance can also easily be registered.

Shop Floor prod. order routing overview

Key Advantages

Tidsregistrering for Lagerchefen

For the Warehouse Manager

  • Consumption posted in real time gives a correct overview of the inventory in Dynamics NAV at all time.
  • Warehouse errors are reduced to a minimum.
  • Quick postings and reverse postings provides high flexibility.
  • Full intergration to Dynamics NAV Warehouse modules and item Tracking functionality.
Tidsregistrering for Økonomichefen

For the Financial Manager

  • Correct registrations are the basic Foundation for all cost analysis in the ERP system.
  • Real time registrations provides a correct inventory value and Work in Progress amount.
  • Better possibilities to calculate Work Center cost per hour, when the actual yearly time usage is known.
  • Less cost for inventory countings and administrative employees.
Tidsregistrering for Produktionen

For the Production

  • Cost savings on employees that does the registrations.
  • Better possibilities to evaluate real Production Order cost compared to expected cost.
  • Better overview and involvement from the Production Employees, provides higher commitment and efficiency.
  • Easier to plan WHO should be doing what, and to get an updated view on WHO is working with what right now.
  • A more reliable inventory makes it easier to plan supply orders and items.
Tidsregistrering for Arbejdscenter­planlæggeren

For the Work Center Planner

  • A list of all Operations allocated to the Work Center provides information on when and what to expect.
  • Only relevant operations are shown and in a prioritized order.
  • Possibility to allocate which employees should carry out the different operations, and see WHO is already working on what processes.
  • Overview of both employees or operations per Work Center Group, Work Center or Machine Center.

Core functions in Shop floor

Hvordan virker Shop Floor

How does Shop Floor Work?

Abakion’s Shop Floor Materials and Time are a work flow based natural extension to the standard Production module in MS Dynamics NAV.

With few clicks on keyboard on scanners, the user in the production area, can quickly register the materials that is consumed on a production order and can quickly register Start or Stop on time usage on a production order or entering when he arrives or leave for the day.

Using keyboard, scanners and a printed job Card, reduces the registration time to an absolute minimum.

Nem tilbageføring i forbindelse med fejlhåndtering

Easy reverse posting for error handling

When the consumption is posted on a wrong order, or the item number entered was not correct, it is quickly for the user to select the material line and by on click undo the posting, creating “reverse entries”.

Fremmøde Shop Floor


Abakion’s Shop Floor Time aloso handles attendence which makes it easy to register when employees arrive or leave.

Komplet overblik for produktionsmedarbejderne

A perfect overview

The Shop Floor from Abakion provides a perfect overview for the production employees.

From the Role Center it is easy to see upcoming Production Orders, Operations per Work Center, what employees are allocated to do, or doing right now, and to do all registrations. A very nice overview for the different roles on the production floor.

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