Connect to your shipping broker and manage Waybills in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manage Shipping with Waybills in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Shipping Manager app not only enables you to create waybills and connect to your freight forwarders to arrange shipping and get the best price for each parcel. It also allows you to calculate weight, dimensions, size, and volume as well as tariffs.

Waybills on Sales Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

You create a waybill for each delivery address, and you may add multiple types of predefined packages (like boxes, pallets or containers) to the waybill.

Waybill status in Dynamics 365 Business Central

You then receive a label, you can print and put on the parcel, and the label of course depends on which freight forwarder you have selected in each case.

The label and the track & trace number is saved on the waybill in Business Central, from where you can also manage the status of the waybill, the shipping details etc.

You can assign a pickup-number to each waybill. This is information for the freight forwarder. It allows you to assign a waybill to a specific pickup, and then the freight forwarder knows exactly which parcels to pick up.

The Shipping Manager can also be configured to arrange shipping directly with your preferred freight forwarder – without using a shipping broker.

For more complex situations, you may embed waybills into other waybills. This allows you to pick items to a box, add multiple boxes to a pallet, add multiple pallets to a container, and finally ship the container.

Shipping planning in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Shipping Manager + specific Connectors for freight forwarders

The Shipping Manager app provides the waybill functionality – and a Connector allows you to connect with a specific freight forwarder.

All Connectors are configured inside your Business Central – and the data exchange is executed by Microsoft Power Automate.

Both the Connector-apps and the Shipping Manager app are available on Microsoft AppSource.

Overview of the Shipping Manager connectors
nShift Shipping Connector

This app is part of an extendable structure

Basically, Shipping Manager is the integration app you get, and the connector app adds the specific connection to the freight forwarder.

The Abakion Foundation Manager includes the common functionality for all the integration apps. This way you can use multiple integration apps without getting duplicate fields and functionality. And the Abakion App Manager is the core extension management and subscription management.

On top of these, you can add the Shipping Manager and 3PL Manager apps. These apps provide integration functionality and APIs. And if you combine these with a connector app, you are ready to go. It’s actually quite simple. If you select a Connector-app from AppSource, you automatically get the necessary fundamental apps. Our installer will handle it all for you.

But this structure also allows you (or your Business Central supplier) to build custom connectors to whichever freight forwarder or 3pl service. You can extend the solution with Power Automate in the Microsoft Power Platform.

For Partners:

If you are a Business Central-partner, watch this video to learn the technical details – and to see how you can utilize the app on client projects.

Book a presentation of the Shipping Manager concept

We frequently host presentations of the Shipping Manager app and the connectors, including this app, and everybody is welcome to sign up and participate. We will begin with a demonstration of the functionality, and then you can ask any question you may have.

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The features of Shipping Manager


Create Waybill in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Create a new waybill from the Sales Order to plan shipping. Add waybill lines to combine types of packaging on the waybill, and enter the quantity, weight and volume of the packages.

Waybills on Transfer Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can also manage waybills from a transfer order.

The Waybill Header in Dynamics 365 Business Central

On the waybill itself, you can overview the status of the waybill, the shipping details, tracking number and much more.

Send Waybill in Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can send the waybill from the sales order, from the transfer order, or from the waybill overview itself.


Create Waybill in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Required for calculating weight on the documents, the weight and measurements fields should be filled out on the Item Unit of measure card. The Shipping Manager extends these fields to be more extensive.

Waybills on Transfer Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

On order lines weight fields are automatically added and calculated both based on “Quantity to ship” and for the “total line” quantity.

Create Waybill in Dynamics 365 Business Central

When the order is ready for shipment, a total calculation for the order can be performed.

Waybills on Transfer Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The total orders measurement can be seen under the fasttab Shipment Method.

Waybills on Transfer Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you want the measurement information printed on your documents. This is possible with the app Document Customizer.


* Works on Sales Order Confirmation, Proforma Invoice, Postes Sales Shipment & Posted Sales Invoice

When trading outside the EU, it is required to present a Custom Tariff specification along with the trading goods. With the Shipping Manager it is possible to calcaluate and make this specification.

Create Waybill in Dynamics 365 Business Central

A Customs tariff section is added on the document. Calculated the specification pr Tariff no.

Waybills on Transfer Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can also use a more specified calculation, where the specification is more detailed.

Waybills on Transfer Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can get the information printed out on your documents, if you also have the App Document Customizer.

Delivery Managers in Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can use delivery brokers like Consignor, Webshipper or Shipmondo, but you may use any broker you like. It requires that you add a connector app for the specific freight forwarder.

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