Overview forecast, demands, supplies and history in one view with Flexible Forecast

Flexible Forecast for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the Flexible Forecast app you get the grand overview of your forecasts on item level – including all known demands and supplies, as well as all item history in the selected period. All in one line per item.

Customize the view to suit your needs – and select the exact time frame you want to explore. Expand demands and supplies from the item line to see all the movements in a particular period. Export to Excel and import changes back into Business Central.

Flexible Forecast is your customizable overview of forecast, demands, supplies and history. Follow-up on your forecast in a single view.

Forecast per period in Business Central

Exporting and importing forecasts from Excel

Flexible Forecast on the Item Card

Flexible Forecast for the Purchaser and Planner

For Planners and Purchasers:

  • One combined overview of the inventory availability with all history, known orders and forecasts.
  • Ability for the planner to see the expected inventory cost if all forecasted is sold – and if not.
  • Consolidated view of the item availability per movement compared with the forecast.
Flexible Forecast for the Finance Manager

For the Finance Manager:

  • Ability to see the overall availability of future inventory levels – and predict capital tie.
  • Filtering products on the difference between the forecast and the actual orders, and subsequently validating the forecast made by the salespeople.
Flexible Forecast for the Salesperson

For the Salesperson:

  • Quick overview of an item’s stock profile and expected receipts
  • Filtering by Dimension or Location makes it possible to control the allocations per campaign and assess available stock that can be sold.
  • Quick overview of items which are not reaching the forecast, and for which an extra effort must be made to sell.

The features of Flexible Forecast

How to open flexible forecasting views in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Overview in multiple dimensions

From the Item card, you can select one of the views “Forecast per period“, “Forecast in period for all items or Forecast per dimension.

From each view, you can select your own level of detail. That is, if all the information about the forecasting period should be displayed in a single line – or if you want some of the lines expanded to show every movement that occurs.

The views can be configured to be accessible from anywhere in Business Central where an Item Number appears. For instance, you can open the views directly from the Sales Order Lines, Planning Journals, etc.

Forecasting in a period for all items in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Forecast in period for all items

If you want to see the availability of many items in one period of time, this view enables you to “import” a selection of items by applying a filter to the fields on the Item card.

The result is one line per item, which is displayed for the selected period with the same information as in “Forecast by period”. You can still filter by location or see the total for all locations.

Forecasting by Dimension in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Forecast by Dimension

If you use dimensions on the item entries, for example to manage specific campaigns or products that has a “soft” reservation for certain dimension codes, this view enables you to see one item in one period with one line per dimension code, wherever the item has movements.

From the overview, you can easily move items from one dimension to another, if you wish to transfer the “soft” reservation.

Forecasting per period in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Forecast per period

For each forecasting period, an item line shows the start and end dates and the quantity in the forecast.

Each line also displays sales data, such as “Quantity on Sales forecast”, “Quantity sold”, “Quantity on Sales order” and “Percentage of Sales forecast”, which shows how much of the forecast have been sold.

Similar columns for production data are also included.

Each line also displays information on both open and received Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders, and finally the expected stock development is displayed with and without a forecast – both as a quantity and as a cost amount.

The forecast can be shown with a filter on one or more Locations.

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