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Abakion A/S in Copenhagen Denmark

Abakion is the Danish IT consultancy offering the unique subscription service on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV – including upgrades and unlimited support.

We have specialised in Microsoft Dynamics, and we take pride in being first movers on new solutions and versions from Microsoft.

  • We were among the first to move into the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics.
  • We were among the first to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • And we were the first to offer a complete subscription on Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 – including free upgrades with no work at all for you – and unlimited support for all you ERP-users.

Abakion was founded in 2000 in Denmark, the home of the Dynamics-solutions.

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Other business units at Abakion:

For Law Practice Firms we offer the Abakion Legal solution

Abakion Legal is the modern Legal Case Management and Accounting software made for lawyers and certified by Microsoft.

For Supply Chain Management we offer a range of apps

Abakion has developed a series of apps that replaces your old customizations and expands your functionality within supply chain management.

The Management Team of Abakion

Consulting at Abakion

When you are facing a project with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV, the approach that we as the supplier take to the project is important, as is how to get the best advice for creating a profitable project.

Here are our views on the matter – and if you agree with us, then we can all expect that our collaboration will be a success.

At Abakion, our business consultants share a common approach to how you as a customer should be advised and how a project should be handled.

Everyone at Abakion is trained in this common approach and it is the fundamental value behind everything we do. It is part of Abakion’s identity.

We do things properly – otherwise we do not even get started.

We do not merely launch the systems

Our greatest task as a solution supplier is not launching the systems – it is making sure that customers get the full benefit of the solutions and develop their business – both in the initial phases and continuously for many decades to come.

This involves a long-term partnership with our customers, and we have many customers who have worked with us for more than 10 years. When we talk about a long-term partnership, they are not just empty words. We will never shut the door on you. We are loyal to our customers once we have committed ourselves to working with you.

Our approach to ERP projects

We always let common sense prevail, both when planning projects and after they have been implemented. What is best for the customer is usually best for all parties in the long run.

We do not write 400-page-long ‘solution designs’ that are obsolete the day after the document finally reflects reality.

We look at processes rather than writing a requirement specification. We bring our many years of knowledge and experience to the table and use this to evaluate your business processes.

You can expect us to provide constructive feedback throughout the process. We do not come in and help you complete tasks – we come in and provide consulting and input.

We will give you suggestions for ‘best practices’ that will enable you to take the best possible advantage of standard solutions, and in this context, we also offer advice on ‘change management’ so we can help to steer your organisation in the right direction with the new solution.

Focusing on processes, standard solutions and profitability is best for all parties in the long run.

We have adapted to the new reality

This means that we as an ERP provider sell value and not hours. We specifically recruit employees who believe in this philosophy and who apply it to their work.

We have business consultants who can see the big picture and advise customers comprehensively. Our technicians also have a good business understanding and know what it takes to succeed with ERP.

Systems should do what they do best. And you should use the systems that are best suited to the job. Then we will make sure and get them to work together.

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… but only if you believe in our mantra, because a good partnership and collaboration requires both parties to be set on it.

We strongly believe that we need to treat each other respectfully; we get a few bruises here and there when others do not treat us properly, but that does not mean we will change our style.

If you also believe in our attitude and approach to projects, then we look forward to working with you.

Kenneth Kryger Gram is the CEO of Abakion

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