Document Customizer makes your documents look good

… the easiest way to customize and layout documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Benefits of Document Customizer

These are your benefits with Document Customizer:

Document Customizer
  • Best practice at low price
  • Flexible customization of outbound documents
  • Quick and guided implementation
  • Start-up with no need for consulting services
  • Set up documents in multiple languages
  • Use templates to quickly apply a visual identity
  • Customize any text or data
  • Use different layouts for different customers
  • Set up logo or background image
  • Schedule and time-restrict text
Document Customizer

… and these are the most popular features:

Functionality of Document Customizer

How to use Document Customizer

Document Customizer is the app that enables you to easily:

  • customize documents
  • edit any text
  • insert data from any field
  • edit design and layout
  • manage language versions
  • create customer specific versions

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All the great features of Document Customizer

Document customization for Dynamics 365 Business Central

All in one place

Apply changes to all documents in Business Central in one place, if you like.

Quick install of Document Customizer for Business Central

Quick and guided install

Install Document Customizer in only minutes. A wizard will guide you. No technical skills required to get started.



documents you can edit

The  documents you can edit

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Return Order
  • Blanket Sales Order
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Posted Sales Invoice
  • Posted Sales Credit Memo
  • Posted Sales Shipment
  • Pick Instruction (From Sales Order)
  • Warehouse Picklist
  • Warehouse Shipment
  • Posted Warehouse Shipment
  • Production Order w. Rutes & Materials
  • Assembly Order
  • Transfer Order
Document Customizer
Functionality of Document Customizer
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Quote
  • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Purchase Return Order
  • Posted Purchase Invoice
  • Posted Purchase Credit Memo
  • Posted Purchase Receipts
  • Reminder
  • Service Order
  • Customer Statement*
  • Master Data Matrix **
  • Pick Instruction with Order Hierarchy***

* Limited Editing |  ** Require Master Data Information | *** Require Sales Configurator


Language versioning in Dynamics 365 documents

Language versioning

Select language whenever you generate or print any document. The same document can be produced in any language you like.

Language management for Dynamics 365

Content in many languages

Language versioning also applies to captions, values and item names. Print an invoice in Danish, and “pcs” will change to “stk”.

Prebuilt reports for Dynamics 365

Prebuilt documents

You get prebuilt templates for 20 documents – ready to use. We have analyzed what Document Customizer is used for – and we have included the most popular customizations in the 20 document templates.


Templates for Dynamics 365 documents


Use templates to quickly apply a visual identity to your document. Create as many templates as you like – and select a template when you generate the document.

Customer specific templates for Dynamics 365

Customer specific templates

Apply a template to a customer if you like, and it will be the default template for the specific customer. If you generate multiple invoices, you will see invoices in different layouts depending on the template selected on each customer.

Document layouts for Dynamics 365

Comply with customer requirements

Your key customers may require specific document layouts. You can give them exactly what they want by designing a template – just the way they prefer it.


Scheduling and time-restriction for Dynamics 365

Start/end times for data

Set start/end time for data-sections and footer. Use this to manage implementation of new layouts – or to schedule the christmas greeting on the invoice and have it automatically expire.

Document versioning in Dynamics 365

Document versioning

Customize heading and captions to create alternate versions of documents. You may easily create a Credit Statement or a Proforma Invoice from your regular Invoice.

Page numbering in Dynamics 365 documents

Page Numbering

Add automatic page numbering to documents – and exclude page numbers if there is only one page.

Field management for Dynamics 365 documents

Manage blank fields

Select if fields with no data should be displayed or hidden.

Payment information on documents in Dynamics 365

Payment information

Besides bank account information, you may add a separate payment information, typically used in countries that do not use IBAN.

Header and Footer

Customize header of documents in Dynamics 365

Customize the header

You may customize the title of the document, the bill-to and ship-to address and edit any general header information.

Add sections to documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Post-header and pre-footer

Add generic text in 3 predefined sections right below the header and just before the footer.

Footer customization for Dynamics 365

Customize the footer

Change any general footer information.

Bank accounts and currencies

Bank accounts and currencies

Use bank accounts with different currencies – and assign different bank accounts to different customers to display payment information on documents specific to each customer.


Add or hide columns in documents in Dynamics 365

Add or hide columns

You can customize the lines of the document by adding new columns or hiding existing ones.

Customize lines in documents in Dynamics 365

Customize lines

Customize the visual layout of the lines by changing the width of each column, setting alignment and properties, changing line totals, setting the background color of lines etc.


Add text to documents in Dynamics 365

Add text

Add any text to your documents, like payment information, warranty notice etc.

Add customer specific text to documents in Dynamics 365

Add customer specific text

Include contextual data on your documents, like a contact person assigned to the customer.

Add item specific text in documents in Dynamics 365

Add item specific text

Include information related to items included on the lines of the document, like maintenance recommendations, return policies, quality inspection notice etc.

Include Master Data in documents in Dynamics 365

Include Master Data

You may add item master data to item lines on your documents. (This of course requires the Master Data Information app).

Add a logo to documents in Dynamics 365


Add your logo and position it vertically as you like.

Add a background image in documents in Dynamics 365

Background image

Add a background image (watermark) to create visually appealing documents.

Customize font and size in documents in Dynamics 365

Overall font and size

Change the font type and font size as an overall setting.

Customize number formats in documents in Dynamics 365

Number formats

Set the formatting of numbers printed on documents.

Use HTML-formatted text in documents in Dynamics 365

Use HTML-formatted text

Set up generic text sections with HTML formatting and merge fields (syntax: %1)

Add freight tracking link to documents in Dynamics 365

Tracking link

Add an order specific link to the freight forwarders tracking system.

That is not all.
But it’s what is typically used the most.

Getting started with the app

Download and install now

Install the app from Microsoft AppSource. Only available on the cloud-edition of Business Central.
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Read the step-by-step guide

We guide you from installation and configuration to your first use of the app
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Watch user guide videos

On Use Dynamics you can watch instructional videos to learn about the functionality of the app
User guide videos about the Abakion App

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