Manage partial tax and multiple rates per account with the VAT Rate per Dimension app

VAT / Tax rate per Dimension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Have you ever needed more than one VAT/Tax Posting Group per Account in Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Your issue: Out-of-the-box, your Business Central only supports a single VAT/Tax calculation for each Chart of Accounts. This becomes an issue, if your organization has departments where the Tax is either partial Tax or no Tax at all.

Some companies have to duplicate accounts to create the option to select different VAT/Tax Posting Groups – but that’s a really bad workaround.

The solution: The VAT Rate per Dimension app allows you to select your own VAT/Tax Posting Group for posting entries to an account.

You may configure a VAT/Tax code to be used for a specific department or a specific dimension. When you post entries from a General Journal, Purchase Lines or Sales Lines, you may select a Dimension which triggers this app to set the correct VAT/Tax Posting Group, you selected in the configuration.

This allows you to work with individual VAT/Tax rates per dimension on the same account.

The features of VAT Rate per Dimension

VAT rate per dimension when posting in Dynamics 365 Business Central

When posting entries from a General Journal, Purchase Lines or Sales Lines, the VAT/Tax Posting Group is determined by your configuration of the VAT/Tax Posting Group per Dimension per Account.

Configuration of VAT rate per dimension in Dynamics 365 Business Central

In the configuration of the app, you may select individual VAT/Tax Posting Groups for a Dimension or Department on an Account.

VAT Posting Setup in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Please note, it is important to set the VAT Calculation Type to “Normal VAT”. This configuration allows this app to control the VAT Posting Group on Sales Order Lines and Purchase Order Lines. Without this configuration, this app will not work.

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