The complete Rental Management solution for Business Central

Rental Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Rental Management app enables you to select items as Rental Items, rent them to customers on a regular Sales Order, and draw on all the Business Central functionality for planning, availability, reservations, warehouse management with locations, serial numbers etc.

The Rental Management app is for rental companies
who would like to manage their equipment inventory.

You might rent out equipment for construction, hospitality, events etc., or you might be in the consumer market and rent equipment for consumers from your shop. The Rental Management app is also used by companies to manage internal rentals. Intermediate invoicing between different internal departments. Maybe the field service technicians in the support department rent equipment from the asset department or production, and they must be invoiced internally for this.

Let’s go through the process of a rental:

  1. You have a Rental Item with 10 pieces in stock. You can put them on specific locations or just have them in stock.
  2. Your customer would like to rent 2, and you add them to a regular Sales Order, along with other regular items. You can have machine rentals and consumable materials on the same order.
  3. On the Sales Order Line, you enter a start-date and an end-date for the rental period.
  4. If you use an availability tool like the free app Graphical Inventory Profile, you will see right away, if the rental item is available in the requested period.
  5. The app now converts the item lines on the Sales Order to resource lines. The rental prices are managed on regular resources in Business Central. Behind the scenes, the app also creates Transfer Orders for the specified dates. This is clever.
  6. The Rental Category is configured to use maybe days or months as unit of measure, and the rental price is calculated by the unit of measure, but on the Sales Order you can adjust this as you like.
  7. Your warehouse ships the entire order without worrying about which items are sold or rented. You might ship hundreds of items on a pallet, and some of them might be Rental Items. All types of items are handled in the same way at the warehouse.
  8. You can invoice the rental when it is completed. You can also initiate an invoicing batch job, or schedule it for once a month or week.

Great features for
Rental Sales and Accounting

Availability for Rental Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central


The Rental Salesperson may see the availability of a rental item. If you have 10 pieces and rent 2 for a week from wednesday, you can see that you have 10 pieces of the item available until wednesday, then 8, and a week later 10 again. When you create a Sales Order, this information is readily available.

Planning of Rentals in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Planning of rentals

You can easily rent out the same item multiple times with date intervals that do not overlap. It is managed by the availability features in Business Central.

All rental items on a single Sales Order Dynamics 365 Business Central

All items on a single Sales Order

You can enter all items for the same customer on one single Sales Order. You can handle rental machines and the associated consumables on the same Sales Order.

Extend the rental period in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Extend the rental period

If you extend the rental period, you just change the end-date on the Sales Order Line, and the transfer orders change automatically.

Batch Invoicing Job for Rentals in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Invoicing Batch Job

You can create rentals with an open end. The periodic invoicing batch job will calculate and create partial invoices as long as the rental is not concluded. The end-date on the Sales Order is automatically pushed forward until the Rental Item has been returned.

Rent from Subscontractors in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Rent from subcontractors

You can rent equipment from a subcontractor, which you rent out to your end customer. You just create a Purchase Order to rent it, and it is received at your warehouse as a Rental Item. Then you rent it out to your end customer, and when it later returns to your warehouse via a Transfer Order, you simply create a Purchase Return Order to deliver the item back to the subcontractor. If the subcontractor has required a deposit, it will simply be credited on the Purchase Return Order. This example requires many documents, but it is quite simple to manage in Business Central, because the Rental Management app controls the entire process.

No need to invent new processes. The Rental Management app hooks into all the great standard features of Business Central.

Introduction to B2B Ecommerce

Great features for
Warehouse Management

Location Management for Rentals in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Location Management

With simple location management, the automated Transfer Order is from and to your warehouse location. While the rental item is at your customer, it is on a Transit Location in Business Central. You can also choose to keep track of which location of the customer the rental item is located at. In this case, the Rental Management app will automatically create two Transfer Order, one to put it on your customer’s location, and another to bring it back to your warehouse.

Rental Items with Serial Numbers in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Rental Items with Serial Numbers

You can manage your Rental Items with Serial Numbers. If you rent construction equipment, you will probably want to do regular rentals of scaffolding or formwork material, but use serial numbers on forklifts and trailers.

Partial inventory receipts for Rentals in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Partial inventory receipts

You can do partial receipts. If you have rented 2 pieces of an item on a single Sales Order Line, and you receive 1 piece back, the app will automatically split the Sales Order Line into two lines with separate end-dates.

Receipt of items from different rentals in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Receipt of items from different rentals

Sometimes a pallet arrives with returned items from the customer’s site, but the items actually belong to many different Sales Orders. You can receive it all in one go, and the solution will automatically match the items with the right Transfer Orders, so everything ends up in the right place.

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