Apps for Business Central

Abakion offers a series of apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that enables you to deploy customers faster on the SaaS-version of Business Central.

Our apps are available on Microsoft AppSource, approved by Microsoft, and you get a 60-days free trial when installing from Microsoft AppSource.

As a Microsoft Partner, you get a 20% share of the revenue when your customer subscribe to an app:

App Bundle

Customization toolData tool
Pick any 5 apps for Business Central, and get all the functionality you would traditionally hire a consultant to customize.

3PL Manager

-Top 100Part-of-BundleSalesWarehouse
Manage your third-party logistics warehouse locations as part of your sales and purchase processes.

Assign Quantity

-Top 100InventoryManufacturingPart-of-BundlePlanningSales
Fulfill all Sales Orders intelligently and provide fast and reliable order promises to customers.

B2B Ecommerce

-Top 100Sales
Launch a B2B webstore with no integration work and no heavy maintenance.
commerce manager

Commerce Manager

-Top 100Data toolPart-of-BundleSales
Automated mgmt of Consignment, Replenishment with a unified interface for automated Sales Order import.

Created-by on Documents

FinanceFree AppsPurchaseSales
The simple and free app that helps you to get insight into who created the original documents – by adding a ‘created-by’ field.

Data Access for Business Central

Data tool
Managed API integration for Business Central - to connect Power BI or any third-party solution

Document Customizer

-Top 100Customization toolFinanceManufacturingPart-of-BundlePurchaseSalesWarehouse
The easy way to customize and layout documents, including best practice package with the most commonly used outgoing documents.

Document Handling

-Top 100FinancePart-of-BundlePurchaseSales
A full-featured solution to send personalized emails your recipients will trust – with documents attached from Business Central.

Duty Reporting

Automate calculation and reporting of taxes and excise duties. You get accurate cost and margin for all items sold.

Dynamic Data Exchange

Data toolPart-of-BundlePurchaseSalesWarehouse
A powerful yet simple way to set up integrations and data imports – saving money on developing custom import functionality.

Flexible Forecast

-Top 100Part-of-BundlePlanningSales
Overview forecast, demands, supplies and history in one view. All in one line per item.

Global Master Data Sync

-Top 100Data toolFinanceInventoryManufacturingPart-of-BundlePurchaseSales
Centralize and manage your Master Data in one place and synchronize to all companies in Business Central subscribing to the data.

Graphical Inventory Profile

-Top 100Free AppsInventoryManufacturingPlanningPurchaseSales
Predict and prevent supply issues. Get an overview of the future inventory status for each item in Business Central.


-Top 100Data toolFinancePart-of-BundlePlanningPurchaseSales
Minimize manual tasks with easy, automated and feature-rich order integration between multiple companies.

Job Time Mobile

-Top 100Data toolFinanceFree AppsManufacturingPlanning
Track time and materials on job tasks - with a wizard or start/stop - on any device in Business Central.

Labels Mobile

-Top 100InventoryManufacturingPart-of-BundleWarehouse
Print labels with barcodes directly from Business Central as part of your warehouse processes.

Master Data Information

-Top 100Customization toolData toolFinanceInventoryManufacturingPart-of-BundlePlanningSalesWarehouse
Define your own master data structure with no customizations. The easy way to enable Master Data Management in Business Central

Production Order Cost Calculation

Find discrepancies and correct master data. Compare realized production order cost with the cost from Routing and BOM.

Purchase Container Handling

Plan inbound containers with multiple purchase orders - and manage delays easily.

Purchase Order Management

-Top 100Part-of-BundlePlanningPurchase
Gain control of the purchasing process and get an actionable overview of all requests that are unresponded by suppliers.

Rental Management

The complete Rental solution incl. invoicing, planning, availability, locations, reservations, serial numbers etc.

Reverse Planning

-Top 100Part-of-BundlePlanningPurchase
Control stock levels and get action-based suggestions on supply and demand. Spot items that cannot be delivered within lead times.

Routing and BOM overview

One overview to see Routing and BOMs with versions and Routing Link Codes.

ROB-EX Scheduler Connector

The out-of-the-box integration between Business Central and ROB-EX Scheduler.

Sales Configurator

-Top 100ManufacturingPart-of-BundlePlanningPurchaseSales
Configure Item Hierarchies for Sales Orders efficiently without creating new item numbers for each Sales Order Line.

Sales Container Handling

-Top 100InventoryPart-of-BundleSalesWarehouse
Assign sales order lines and manage containers to pack and ship all lines in one go.

Search Items

-Top 100Free AppsPurchaseSales
Search Items enables you to search for Items without complicated filters and let you easily add the items to sales order lines.

Shipping Manager

-Top 100InventoryPart-of-BundleSalesWarehouse
Create waybills and connect to shipping brokers to manage shipping of your deliveries for your customers.

Shop Floor Mobile

-Top 100ManufacturingPart-of-BundlePlanning
Register consumption and output easy with flows. Get actionable overviews of operation, capacity load and production order lines.

Shortage on Demand Orders

The planning tool for optimizing fulfillment of Sales Orders to avoid partial deliveries by managing shortages and moving delivery dates.

Subscription Management

Manage Subscription-based Invoicing on Customers in a simple and efficient way in Business Central.

TimeLog PSA

Data toolFinance
This app connects your Business Central with TimeLog PSA, which helps you improve the internal processes in your consulting business.

Use Dynamics

-Top 100FinanceFree AppsInventoryManufacturingPlanningPurchaseSalesWarehouse
Get contextual video user guides inside Dynamics 365 Business Central – all free of charge.

VAT Rate per Dimension

-Top 100FinanceFree-with-Bundle
Manage partial tax and multiple rates per account with VAT Rate per Dimension.

Warehouse Mobile

-Top 100Part-of-BundleWarehouse
Easy registration of warehouse entries. All posting is handled automatically backstage. Setup in minutes with a guided wizard.