Created-by on Documents keeps track of who created the documents

Created-by on Documents for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Created-by on Documents just tracks who creates documents in Business Central- that’s it.

Have you ever wanted to track who created the original Sales Order or Purchase Order?

And to your surprise, this information is generally not available in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Created-by on Documents is a simple and free extension that helps you to get insight into who created the original documents.

When you have installed Created-by on Documents in your Dynamics 365 Business Central, it simply enables a “Created by” field which is displayed on the “General” fast-tab on the various Sales and Purchase Documents and in the various Order lists.

When you enter an order – the “Created by” field will automatically be populated with the name of the user, and it will automatically keep track of the users on archived documents and posted documents – easily viewable for tracking purposes.

Created-by on Documents

This is what you do to get started

Created-by how-to

1. Open your Dynamics 365 Business Central and create a new Sales Order.

Created-by how-to

2. Enter the Customer No. and select the Customer.

Created-by how-to

3. The Created-by will automatically populate after the Customer is selected on the new order.

Created-by how-to

4. When finished, the Created-by will display in the Sales Order list view.
Now, repeat these steps for other purchase and sales documents. That’s all.

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Order List
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Quote List
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Invoice List
  • Sales Credit Memo
  • Sales Credit Memo List
  • Sales Return Order
  • Sales Return Order List
  • Blanket Sales Order
  • Blanket Sales Order List
  • Posted Sales Shipment
  • Posted Sales Shipment List
  • Posted Sales Invoice
  • Posted Sales Invoice List
  • Posted Sales Credit Memo List
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order List
  • Purchase Quote
  • Purchase Quote List
  • Purchase Credit Memo
  • Purchase Credit Memo List
  • Purchase Return Order
  • Purchase Return Order List
  • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Blanket Purchase Order List
  • Posted Purchase Receipt
  • Posted Purchase Receipt List
  • Posted Purchase Invoice List
  • Posted Purchase Credit Memo
  • Posted Purchase Credit Memo List
Created-by on Documents

… works on all these documents

Functionality of Created-by

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