Search Items enables you to search for Items without complicated filters in Business Central


Search Items easily and quickly

On a Sales Order Line you want to search for an Item to add, based on the Item Description. But you have many Items in your Item List, and you enter a great number of Sales Order Lines every day. So, you spend too much time entering complicated filters with special characters like *, @, & and |.

This app enables you to do exactly that: Search for Items without using special characters.

Search Items is a simple and free extension that helps you find items quickly.

When you have installed Search Items in your Dynamics 365 Business Central, it simply enables a Search field on the Sales Order Lines. That’s it. The app is non‐invasive and simple to use.

From the Sales Line click “Search Item” in the Line Actions. Then you just enter fragments of words in your search string. You may search for one or several words, and when you click Search, the Item List will display the search result with the enriched filter.

Let’s have an example:

You enter two words into the search field: bike and carb, and you press enter. A list of items is displayed with the filter @*bike*&@*carb* in the description. Meaning, the list shows all items that contains these two words, in any order, and not case sensitive.

Search Items is the easy way to find Items to add to Sales Order Lines.
And the app is free of charge.

This is how it looks in Business Central

Text string search for items in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Search field on items in Business Central

The Search Item tab on lines in Business Central

  • Sales Order Line
  • Item Page
  • Item List Page

… search available on

Functionality of Search Items

How to get Search Items

Download and install

Get the app from Microsoft AppSource, and install it in your Dynamics 365 Business Central.
The app is FREE OF CHARGE to use. Just activate it inside your Business Central, and you are good to go. No account or subscription is necessary.


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