Advanced Planning

Flexible Supply Planning with an intuitive overview!

What is Advanced Planning?

Whereas normal MRP planning quickly can become disordered and complex, Abakion’s Advanced Planning provides precision tools and opportunities for planning and executing orders in smaller and more manageable processes.

By limiting order recommendations by planner, vendor, or lead time and by allowing you to plan by entire hierarchies or budgets, Abakion’s Advanced Planning creates small, differentiated, and logical planning Groups

Advanced Planning

Key Advantages

Advantages for the Production Manager

For the Production Manager

  • Potential to forecast overall capacity requirements on the basis of product mixes designated by upper-tier products alone.
  • Potential to forecast and budget commodities for vendors on the basis of upper-tier product mixes.
  • Faster reaction time for rush orders, including derived requirements.
  • Happier planners, who can work more flexibly and with greater clarity.
Advantages for the Planner and Purchaser

For the Planner and Purchaser

  • Potential to plan by relevant date interval even if this differs for various products.
  • More flexible handling of lines in the planning journals.
  • Grouping of planning in terms of inventory hierarchies, planner codes, and vendors.
  • Makes a product’s “Rolled Up Lead time” visible, that is, the time it takes to procure the product as well as all products in the hierarchy below it.
Advantages for the Finance and Sales Manager

For the Finance and Sales Manager

  • Better utilization of the planners’ resources through more qualified and relevant order suggestions.
  • Better opportunity to focus on products and production orders that are necessary for being able to deliver particular sales orders.

Core functions in Advanced Planning

First core function in Advanced Planning

Plan by Lead time

With Abakion’s “Rolled Up Lead time” you can plan each product by its lead time or “Rolled Up Lead time” instead of by a fixed end date.

This tool allows you to avoid dealing with all of the various order suggestions for orders far in the future when you are in fact dealing with a product with a very short lead time.

Second core function in Advanced Planning

Budget Planning

Setting a check mark in “Budget Planning” allows you to ignore all known arrivals and departures as well as stock contents, so that you can plan with the budget forecast alone. This lets you see the consequences of a particular product mix in the budget.

From the planning lines, you can export capacity and material requirements to Excel.

Third core function in Advanced Planning

Plan by Hierarchy

Setting a check mark in “Plan by Hierarchy” allows you to simply designate upper-tier products in the filter.

You can then plan all of the products included at all levels beneath the upper-tier products. You can use this if you need to plan one or more particular products quickly.