Dynamics NAV and 365 subscription
Dynamics on a subcription including upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365

Subscription including upgrades and unlimited support

On the one hand, your ERP system needs to support all of your business processes. On the other hand, it should preferably be a standard solution that is easy to maintain.

These used to be incompatible considerations. In the past you had to compromise on one of these aspects – but that’s not the case any more.

Today, you can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 365 from Abakion as a standard solution without any need for customization or development. All of the business processes and needs that required a customized solution in the past can now be supported by the standard solution.

Subscription all inclusive

Now you can use Dynamics NAV on a subscription basis including:

  • hosting
  • upgrades to new versions every 3 months
  • unlimited support

All included in the price. You get a flexible, agile ERP system that allows you to keep up with the market and a changing world.

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Dynamics NAV og Abakion

Choose from 3 packages

You can choose from 3 different packages with Abakion:

  • Standard Edition is the basic Dynamics NAV solution without any extra services. It’s a do-it-yourself solution for those who can manage all of the settings on their own.
  • Business Edition is a package deal with modules and implementation designed to cover the vast majority of most companies’ needs.
  • Enterprise Edition is the complete solution with all modules for companies with advanced Supply Chain Management needs.

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