Dynamics 365 – all inclusive

Abakion has launched a package solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (or Dynamics NAV) that will make it easier and cheaper to be a Microsoft Dynamics customer. It is called Abakion 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as package solution

The package solution Abakion 365 gives you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a monthly subscription service that includes frequent upgrades and unlimited hotline support.

As a customer, you will know the finances ahead of time. There will not be any major upgrade projects lurking out there in the future, because upgrades are included in the subscription.

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Prices and subscriptions
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All about Dynamics 365 Business Central
Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business solution with ERP, CRM og Business Intelligence.

Do-It-Yourself Business Central
Follow our guide and configure Dynamics 365 Business Central on your own – with no need for costly external consultants.

The 2-week migration project
With Abakion Unbox, you can migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central in less than 2 weeks. Full service – no DIY.

Content of the package solution

The package solution from Abakion contains a lot of services: hotline service, upgrades and hosting.

Needless to say, you have to make sure that the solution covers your company’s needs. Therefore, this page is dedicated to the solution and its contents.

Typical needs

Different customers often appear to have the same requests for certain functionality in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365. We have gathered all these frequent requests in our package solution, so you can avoid customizations.

Since a Microsoft standard solution is seldom sufficient for a company, Abakion 365 gives you more than just the standard. With Abakion 365 you will also get:

  • 3 apps (add-on solutions) that replace customizations
  • Reporting tools and Business Intelligence
  • Extra apps for Supply Chain Management
  • Best Practice setup, that saves many hours of implementation
  • Ongoing upgrades, so you never have to go through another migration project
  • Unlimited hotline support
Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 all inclusive

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Disruption in the ERP market

The Dynamics-market is changing with the possibility of subscriptions that include upgrades and free support.

Now that Abakion is offering the first complete package solution with Dynamics 365 Business Central for medium-sized companies, we are talking about disruption (in Clayton Christensen’s original definition of the term).

Microsoft is steering all its ERP product development in one direction with their launch of Dynamics 365, which is a standard solution that cannot be customized.

This has changed the ERP market for small- and medium-sized businesses significantly.

Microsoft’s agenda for the future

Microsoft has a clear agenda for Dynamics 365: they expect that small- and medium-sized businesses will use standard solutions instead of special customized solutions in future.

They are putting all their eggs in that basket, and Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM are being melted down and combined in Dynamics 365.

Complete package solution

We are building on that foundation with Abakion 365, which is a subscription that includes more than just the ERP solution. We also include frequent upgrades and unlimited hotline support included in the subscription, so you as a customer only have one subscription price to consider. All inclusive.

We expect that many other ERP vendors will offer similar subscription models in future, since that is the future that Microsoft is dictating.

When the Microsoft standard is not enough

It would be great if you could just use the basic Dynamics-solution that Microsoft provides without having to modify anything at all. The problem is that the basic solution is not flexible enough.

The vast majority of companies will have to customize it. Mundane things like adding extra fields or a logo to an invoice requires customizations.

As a customer you have to maintain these customizations yourself, and the changes you make need to be upgraded manually when Microsoft releases new versions of the solution. That costs a lot of money.

Customizations are expensive to upgrade

Customizations become really expensive in the future. A lot of companies feel trapped in an old version of Dynamics NAV. Some of them can’t even upgrade Word, because the new Word doesn’t work with earlier versions of NAV, which is too expensive to upgrade.

Other companies regularly spend large amounts of money on upgrades without quite knowing whether it is actually profitable. They upgrade because they have to – not because it’s good for business, and that is a bad reason.

That is why a lot of companies want to eliminate the challenge of upgrading special customizations – and the costs that go along with it.

Customizations vs. settings

When searching for a standard solution, you need to make a distinction between settings and customizations.

A customization is a change in the system itself such as the addition of a field or a change in a report. A setting is a configuration option such as a number series or a VAT rate that can be changed without changing the system itself.

Settings don’t cost anything to upgrade; they’re just data.

Customizations, on the other hand, cost a lot to upgrade because you have to check whether each individual customization can be transferred to the new version or whether it conflicts with something.

The concept of the standard Microsoft Dynamics solution

The standard solution with Dynamics NAV and 365

Now we’re starting to get at what makes it possible for us to offer Dynamics ERP online at a fixed price, including upgrades.

We have taken all the customization needs that our customers typically have and built a standard solution that can meet those needs via settings.

With increased flexibility in the setting options you no longer need to customize the solution.

  • Do you want to change a field or master data management? Now you can do it in the settings.
  • Do you want to change the layout of invoices and other documents? You can do that in the settings, too.

It’s a really long list so we are confident that 90% of medium-sized companies can use our standard solution – without having to customize it at all.

We have enhanced Dynamics 365 and NAV with the functions it was missing. We have improved the functions that were not user-friendly or otherwise good enough. And we have streamlined your work with numerous functions being processed behind the scenes while you do your regular work.

One complete subscription

So you will still have the standard Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, but with Abakion’s box on top of it.

You pay a monthly subscription fee to Microsoft for the Dynamics license, and you pay a monthly subscription fee for our box in much the same way.

The subscription goes to maintaining and further developing the solution, and we guarantee that it will always work 100% with newest version of Microsoft Dynamics. The subscription also includes automatic upgrades to new versions and we guarantee that you will be up and running on the new version without a hitch and that your settings will work as you have come to expect – in the new version as well.

You are not locked into Abakion as a supplier. You are free to choose a different Dynamics provider and continue your subscription with us and use our solution.

Dynamics NAV og Abakion

Now, lets go through Abakion 365’s content in detail

Master Data app for Dynamics NAV and 365


Master data

Design data structures for items, vendors and customers.
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Document customization app for Dynamics NAV and 365



Customize the layout of invoices and other documents.
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Supply chain apps for Dynamics NAV and 365



Standard setup that saves you many hours of work.
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Power BI cubes for Dynamics NAV and 365


Unlimited help

Unlimited hotline support and frequent upgrades.
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Master Data ManagementMaster Data Management

You need to be able to design data structures for items, vendors and customers.

  • You can create fields without customizing
  • and have text fields with no length restriction.
  • You can create items from a template
  • and search for items across all master data.
  • You can also run mass updates on many records at the same time, ie. If you need to rename an item.
  • And item data files from suppliers are easy to upload.
  • You can also manage item data in HTML format, so you can manage all your online shop data centrally from NAV.
  • No redundant maintenance.
Master Data Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Customized Documents

You need to be able to customize your layout so that your outgoing documents are consistent with your company’s brand – and they contain the information you want. This typically applies to:

  • Sales invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery notes
  • Purchase orders
  • Quotes

You can have reports in several languages, where you can change all of the text in the reports. You can also have different layouts with different profiles.
You can insert logo or background image on all of your reports, position the address fields to fit your envelopes, and you can even manage text in documents by period.
Here are some examples where our customers have created a delivery note with special customs regulations and an invoice with a logo inserted.

Document Customizer for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Best Practice Setup

When we say we use a “Best Practice setup”, it means that we have already done a lot of the work before we begin to setup your solution.

You do not have to pay for the work we have already done.

Our standard setup automatically fills out more than 150 tables and gives you a ready for use standard account plan. All of this saves you a lot of time.

This Best Practice model assures you that the entire setup is valid, so you can spend your energy and money on something that creates more value for your organization.
For example, the standard setup enables you to add modules with one click only.

Years and years of testing

Since we have applied our best practice setup to many customers throughout the years, we are confident that our best practice setup works as intended. We know that most companies fit into our standard.

But of course, we will give you a chance to have a closer look at our standard setup before you make your decision.

Using the standard setup is actually not a necessity in order to get the package solution. You are welcome to change or add something to the setup after we are done – for example add accounts to the account plan – but you cannot change the core of the standard setup. The point is, that the setup has to be free from maintenance even during upgrades.

It works automatically

At Abakion, we have collected all the standard setups in a tool that can conduct everything automatically. That includes a standard account plan but also all other modules in the solution.

Best Practice with Abakion 365

Unlimited Super-user Support

Unlimited support by phone and email for your super-users is included in the Abakion 365 subscription. This ensures that your super-users can contact our support team as frequently as needed. (This requires a minimum number of 3 users purchased)

Our support team provides user guidance, but it is important to mention that outright training and setup tasks are not included.

With Abakion 365 you no longer get billed for user support. You no longer have to decide whether it is fair to get 30 minutes on the invoice in order for your colleagues to get some help. The daily support is all included in the Abakion 365 subscription.

Unlimited support with Abakion 365

See what else you can get for your Abakion 365

Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Reports and Business Intelligence with data form all sources.
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Supply Chain Management with Abakion 365

Supply Chain

Functionality to manage your supply chain.
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Reporting and Business Intelligence

Our package solution Abakion 365 can be expanded with access to Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solution Power BI for all users .

We have developed 6 standardized cubes that pulls data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 365 and CRM, and you get the financial cube for free with our package solution.

Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Financial reporting with Power BI Financial reporting
Reporting on sales performance with Power BI Sales performance
Reporting on Customers and Vendors with Power BI Customers/Vendors
Supply Chain reporting with Power BI Supply Chain
Project reporting with Power BI Project
CRM reporting with Power BI CRM
All sources of data in Power BI

All sources

We gather data from all your sources, like Dynamics NAV or 365 (from all companies), price lists from suppliers, data from the internet, Excel-sheets etc.

All roles available in Power BI

All roles

We cover all roles in your company: Management, Finance, Controller, Sales, Production etc.

All devices can be used for Power BI

All devices

You are always up-to-date on your mobile device. Dashboards are in the cloud, and can be updated whereever you are.

Supply Chain Management

Many of our clients manage their item processes with Dynamics NAV, which is why we have incorporated a lot of Supply Chain Management functions. If you need to manage items, then there are definitely a lot of features you will enjoy using.

Our Supply Chain Management-functionality in Dynamics is compiled in a series of apps marketed internationally as Supply Chain Box.

In the Business Edition you can choose 3 modules from the list (with a few exceptions, which only come with the Enterprise Edition).

In the following we take a look at some of the most popular apps:

Supply Chain Management in Dynamics NAV and 365

Planning in Dynamics NAV and 365

One of the most popular modules is Reverse Planning.

You need a good planning tool if you have employees who plan purchasing and production. We call it Reverse Planning, and it allows you to see which items can’t be delivered within a given period or by a specific date – and this enables you to easily manage your scheduling.

Inventory profile in Dynamics 365 Business Central

See how Scandinavian Packaging has streamlined their planning:

Click the [CC] button to get closed captions in English

You can also learn more about the reverse planning tool in this video:

Warehouse Management

Another popular Supply Chain Management add-on is Warehouse Management.

The Warehouse Management module controls all inbound, outbound, and internal processes in the warehouse. You control everything from the handheld scanner. Picks, routes, receipts, replenishment, counts, administration etc.

Apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central