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Rovsing Advokater

”The design of the system is characterized by a thorough look at the ordinary dispatch process. It gives Abakion Legal a natural flow.”

Troels Rovsing Koch, Lawyer & Partner at Rovsing Advokater

Reimer Legal

”We have seen what it means in everyday life, and it made us at Reimer Legal convinced that we should have a legal system from the beginning.”

Janie C. Nielsen, Lawyer & Partner at Reimer Legal

Abakion Legal is used by more than 1600 every day.

For the Lawyer:

  • Journalize documents via drag’n’drop directly in your Outlook.
  • E-mail documents in seconds.
  • Invoice your time directly from Outlook.
  • Structure your work and create an overview.

For the accountant:

  • The invoicing basis is always ready – without the lawyers having to transfer data or do anything.
  • The solution is built on Microsoft’s Business Central, and it gives the accountant a complete system for financial management, cash management and much more.

Some of the functions in Abakion Legal

Using Abakion Legal in Outlook

Case card in Abakion Legal

Role center as an entry point in Abakion Legal in Business Central

Overview of time registrations

As a lawyer, you can access your documents, reports, and have all the case management features available on all your devices, both online and offline.

The solution is designed so that you as a lawyer only work in Outlook. The relevant functions are gathered in your Outlook, and it saves time for you to do everything in one workflow.

Without you having to do anything for it, the Accountant has everything available to be able to invoice and handle all financial management. This is the advantage of having your case management and financial management in the same system.

Finish your work in Outlook

Use Abakion Legal directly in Outlook. Abakion Legal detects the cases related to the email.You can open a case and see the key information about the case, for example unsettled time and amount. And you can open in a larger window to see details.

Edit the cases in Outlook

You can edit cases and contacts directly in the right side of Outlook. And you can open the case card and access all the features of the case.

You can use Abakion Legal – no matter what device you have available; iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, PC or Mac. Your case management and finance system is available in the office, with clients, on the go or wherever you are.
With Abakion Legal SharePoint free text search, you can search across file types, cases, clients and periods, on e.g. a name, a specific word or a wording.
From SharePoint you can read files or folders so you can work offline without internet access. When you are online again, files and folders are automatically synced back with your add-ons.

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You collect your data about clients, parties, cases, etc.


We load your data and make the solution ready for use.


You get access to the solution, and we teach you, and then you are up and running.

… and you do not have to be interested in IT

Everything runs over the internet.

Nothing needs to be installed. You just log in, just like when you check your email online.

You’re up and running in 14 days,

so you don’t need to spend time on IT projects. Rather spend your time at your law firm.

We are ready to help

on both email and phone. IT must not waste your working time.

We take care of all the technique

Abakion Legal is an integral part of the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. So you also get a complete financial system.
Abakion Legal is evaluated and approved by Microsoft for their app store called Microsoft AppSource.
Abakion Legal runs in the Microsoft Cloud Data Center. You don’t have to deal with that, because we take care of all operation and maintenance.
Upgrading to new versions with new features is also included in the price. It actually happens completely automatically without you having to do anything.
Abakion Legal uses Microsoft Office 365, and you get a plugin for Outlook so that your daily work can take place directly in Outlook.
Abakion Legal uses Microsoft SharePoint, so you can access your documents and reports on any device, both online and offline.

Complete users

178 .00
Per named user per month
Users with access to all features
Includes Abakion Legal
+ Outlook plugin
+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Light users

66 .00
Per named user per month
Facilitate users who do not have access to post, bill and create clients and cases.
Includes Abakion Legal
+ Outlook plugin
+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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