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Want to know more?
Or just want to get started?
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Handle case management, journaling and time registration in Outlook and Teams.

Make trivial tasks easy and focus on business.

Take care of invoicing and manage cash flow and finance with Microsoft’s efficient ERP system.

Send the invoice straight away and get paid faster.

How Abakion Legal makes your working life easier

Hold meetings online

You can meet your client on Teams, securely share documents, chat privately with colleagues and access all the case documents directly in Teams.

Abakion Legal

Take documents with you everywhere

You can have all the case papers with you in the courtroom, offline. You can be sitting in a country retreat, working offline on the case documents – then synchronize your work when you get home.

Abakion Legal

Ditch the remote desktop

The remote desktop cramps your productivity and makes collaborating with colleagues difficult. It’s irritating, too. Fortunately, remote desktop is history.

Abakion Legal

Improve cash flow

Send the invoice straight away and bring the money in sooner, before your client has forgotten your good work. And get your expenses paid while you’re about it.

Abakion Legal

Approve invoices paperlessly

You’re at your holiday home, checking invoices on the laptop. You don’t need bits of paper. You just use an app in Outlook.

For firms large and small

You can start using Abakion Legal when you’ve
just started out as a lawyer – and grow with the solution
as your law firm gets bigger and bigger.

established lawyers

You’ve set up your own law firm, and you need to avoid spending time on manual administration and repetitive tasks. Abakion Legal makes it easy to be a newly established lawyer.

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law firms

Get an overall view of your firm and let the system keep track of processes for you while you focus on increasing revenue. Abakion Legal helps small law firms become efficient.

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legal practices

Get all the tools that big legal practices need. Use the powerful invoice control and trust accounting features to save yourself a lot of time. Abakion Legal puts you in control.

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Abakion Legal

Loved and used by
over 1,600 people every day

Abakion Legal

We have many happy customers.

Rovsing Advokater

‘You can tell from the design of the system that the normal administrative process has been looked at thoroughly. That gives Abakion Legal (Navokat) a natural flow.’

Troels Rovsing Koch, lawyer and partner at Rovsing Advokater

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Reimer Legal

We’ve seen what it means in the daily routine, and it convinced us at Reimer Legal that we should have a law practice system from the start.’

Janie C. Nielsen, lawyer and partner at Reimer Legal

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Lawyer and accountant should be on the same team

If you are to have a sound business, you need to be able both to manage cases efficiently – and to translate that into money.

Lawyer and accountant should be on the same team - Be on the same team with Abakion Legal
Case management and finance are intimately linked, and we don’t think it makes sense to have a separate case solution that has to integrate to another system to transfer data every time something involves money.

Law practice systems that aren’t based on a finance system will make the case for an integration, but there’s always something that gets lost in translation. Separate solutions always entail manual processes.

If you want to be truly efficient, you should choose a solution that includes both case processing and financial management.
Abakion Legal

Get paid faster

Register your time worked directly in Outlook as part of your workflow. Then you can create invoices straight away from the timesheet records.

Time registration is only smart when the logs go straight into the finance system. This is one advantage of Abakion Legal being based on an ERP system.

Simple time registration isn’t smart if it makes extra work when invoices are to be created.

Handle trust accounting in minutes

Register your time worked directly in Outlook as part of your workflow. Then you can create invoices straight away from the timesheet records.

You can query balances in a few minutes – and the system will help you work out adjustments.

In Abakion Legal, handling trust accounting is not a DIY affair as in other systems. It is full service, and here the fact that Abakion Legal is based on an ERP system really comes into its own.

Abakion Legal
Abakion Legal

Save time on invoice control

Invoice control is a feature that can be a huge time-saver for lawyers.

In Abakion Legal, we have got rid of the paper, so you can handle invoice control directly in a browser. This way, you can approve invoices without the traditional stack of paper.

We have one customer who say they save a million Danish kroner a year on this feature alone.

We’ll help you get started quickly

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We run through the solution for you, and we conclude an agreement.

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Data collection

You collect your data on clients, parties, cases etc.

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We import your data and make the solution ready for use. .

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You get access to the solution, we train you, and then you’re up and running.

… and you needn’t be interested in IT.

... og du behøver ikke interessere dig for IT

It all runs over the Internet.

There is nothing to install. You just log in, exactly as you do when you check your email online.

... og du behøver ikke interessere dig for IT

You’re up and running in 14 days,

so you needn’t spend time on IT projects. You’re better off spending your time on your law business.

... og du behøver ikke interessere dig for IT

We’re ready and waiting to help

by email and on the phone. IT shouldn’t waste your working time.

Compliance and technology

Abakion Legal is a Cloud solution and is Software-as-a-Service. The solution has been built in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution, and it is operated by Microsoft in their own data centre. Abakion Legal is verified by Microsoft, guaranteeing that the solution meets Microsoft’s requirements and standards. Microsoft offers Abakion Legal on its app store, Microsoft AppSource.

Abakion Legal

Client/Matter Intake

A step-by-step guide will help you with an anti-money-laundering, compliance, GDPR and conflict of interest check.

Abakion Legal


Abakion Legal gives you the tools to comply with the GDPR and keep control of data. Read the expert’s tips here.

Abakion Legal


Microsoft’s data centre is one of the securest environments in terms of both reliability and security against hacking.

Abakion Legal

User security

Use Microsoft’s features to manage role-based user permissions, password policies and user administration.

You needn’t be interested in technology.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Abakion Legal is an integral part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution. So you get a complete finance system, too.
Microsoft AppSource
Abakion Legal has been assessed and approved by Microsoft for their app store, Microsoft AppSource.
Microsofts datacenter
Abakion Legal runs in Microsoft’s data centre in the Cloud. You don’t actually need to concern yourself with this, as we take care of all the operation and maintenance.
New versions are included
Upgrading to new versions with new features is also included in the price. In fact, it happens completely automatically, with no need for you to do anything.
Microsoft Office 365 for lawyers
Abakion Legal uses Microsoft Office 365, and you get a plugin for Outlook so that your day-to-day work can all be done directly in Outlook.
Microsoft SharePoint for lawyers
Abakion Legal uses Microsoft SharePoint, so you can access your documents and reports on any device, both online and when you are offline.

Hand in hand with the world

Case management and compliance with Microsoft Teams

When you meet your client on Teams, there is an external room that is encrypted and GDPR compliant, and an internal one where you can see all documents and chat with colleagues.

Read about Teams »

Day-to-day work in
Microsoft Outlook

Much of your day-to-day work goes on in Outlook and involves emails and contracts. From here, you can perform case management, journaling, time registration etc. All relevant tools must be to hand in Outlook.

Read about Outlook

Document management with Microsoft SharePoint

Whether you are online or offline, you can access documents on all your devices. You can share documents and manage permissions.

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Find the true owners with Lasso X

Identify the true owners behind any company, as prescribed by the Anti-Money-Laundering Act and AML regulations.

Read about Lasso X »

Electronic signing processes with esignatur

Sign your documents securely, quickly and efficiently with an electronic signing process from start to finish.

Read about esignatur »

Pingo Documents templates collection

If you don’t want to build your own templates collection, use Pingo’s impressive set of templates built by experts in each discipline.

Read about Pingo »

Insight and decision-making basis with Microsoft Power BI

The Power BI Business Intelligence solution has excellent reporting facilities. The solution is tailor-made for law firms.

Know Your Customer med Penneo

Get AML-compliant with a system that identifies your customers’ true owners, collects ID documents and prepares risk assessments.

Read about Penneo »

Abakion Legal pricing and availability

Full users

Per named user per month
Users with access to all features
Includes Abakion Legal
+ Outlook plugin
+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Light users

Per named user per month
Light users without posting, invoicing, client creation and case creation rights.
Includes Abakion Legal
+ Outlook plugin
+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In Netherlands and Denmark, Abakion Legal is released and available for subscription now.

In Norway, Sweden and Great Britain, we are ready for pilot-projects with end users and/or partners.

In Germany, Belgium and the USA, we would like to team up with local partners to introduce Abakion Legal to the market.

Abakion Legal

We’re here to help

Our mantra is that IT solutions shouldn’t waste your working time. We therefore set great store by our ability to offer you fast support so that you can move on quickly.

We are ready and waiting to answer your questions, both by email and on the phone. With some of the best support staff in the industry and our solid expertise, we’ll ensure you can get back to work quickly.

We strive to give you an informed answer as quickly as possible, at least within 24 hours, but often a lot faster.



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