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Større advokathuse

There are many larger legal practices using Abakion Legal. The workflows in a big law firm are well established and detailed, and employees’ roles are more specialised than in smaller companies. This places demands on the IT provision.

It is important for the case management system to have an ERP solution as its foundation. As a big law firm, you need efficient financial management with automated processes and full traceability.

You get control, centralised invoicing and centralised client/case creation tools. These are just some of the advantages of an integrated case management and ERP system.

It is all about spending as little of the lawyers’ time as possible on administrative tasks. In Abakion Legal, we have cut everything down to the bone so that the system will not inconvenience the lawyers unnecessarily.

There are step-by-step guides to help the lawyers with registrations, and then admin staff can contribute, often for compliance reasons, and you can even make use of a set of templates, just to make the job even simpler.
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Meeting strict compliance and security requirements

Large law firms also set strict security and compliance requirements. In this respect, Abakion Legal leads the way.

It helps that Abakion Legal is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is a Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution. It runs in Microsoft’s data centre, where security, performance and reliability are as good as one could wish.

And, looking out to the world, with Abakion Legal we have made the decision to be open to integrating to other systems.

The invoicing data is always ready

When you create a client, you can indicate how often invoices are to be sent. Then, with a few clicks, the back office can set the invoicing process going. The system has an automated workflow that controls who has to give approval and in what order. There is no need to circulate hard copy. It is easy, especially in these days of widespread home working.

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Get the biggest efficiency gain

When it comes to improving the efficiency of administrative processes, by all means do a detailed comparison of Abakion Legal with rival solutions. We feel very confident that you will get the biggest efficiency gain from us.

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Abakion Legal is change-ready, and it is a complete case management and finance solution that you can use to improve the efficiency of your law business.

You don’t need to build everything into one system. New technological possibilities for law firms arrive regularly, and we are happy to link up Abakion Legal with other systems so that your law firm has the smartest solution at all times.

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