The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution runs in Microsoft’s data centre, one of the securest environments in IT in terms of both reliability and security against hacking.

You no longer need to make do with just your part-time IT staff. With Abakion Legal, you also have Microsoft’s army of security experts at your back, constantly monitoring system security.

Not only does Microsoft take a large part of the responsibility for security on itself, but you also have the option of choosing for yourself how much security you want to turn on. Among other things, this includes multi-factor authentication, which means you can only access the system via a password and an app from your own phone.

You can also choose for yourself whether the system will activate an extra layer of security on your email, so that any emails with attachments are always run through a safety check before being allowed through the system.

Of course, the Abakion Legal solution follows Microsoft’s password policy standards, which means that you will automatically be asked to change your password often.

To enhance security in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, with Abakion Legal you also have the option of tuning your user permissions so that cases can be classed as secret right down to user level, maintaining the confidentiality of individual cases at all times.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of individual cases, it is of course also possible for you to track activities, so that you can always keep abreast of who has viewed which clients, who has edited documents or logged onto systems etc.


Client/matter intake

Creating new clients, cases and parties entails tasks such as anti-money laundering, compliance, GDPR and conflict of interest checks – and this often passes through far too many pairs of hands in a law firm. It is time-consuming, and it is not quality-assured or properly followed up.

With Abakion Legal, you can systematize your client/matter intake processes and get help with consistent recording, validation, follow-up and status monitoring of the individual steps to be carried out in the processes – and that’s without making life a misery for those who have to do the following up, because they will be guided through the processes and will be helped to remember it all.

To help with compliance, Abakion Legal provides step-by-step guides that will assist you with all the registrations relevant to compliance, and there are even templates for different client types to make the job easier.

Providing the most essential information to create a case should be quick and easy, but it should also be secure. Your Abakion Legal solution therefore also ensures that you have the right documentation regarding who has done what in which cases, so you always meet your compliance obligations.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance

Abakion Legal helps you meet GDPR requirements.

Without a doubt, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR has a major impact on your company’s supervision and processing of personal data.

Sletningsmodne Sager

Cases ripe for deletion

We give you a list of cases where the most recent activity was more than a certain length of time ago. Here, by ‘activity’, we mean time registration, document management, invoicing or archiving. This way, you can easily keep track of which cases can be deleted from your system so that you are not storing data that is too old.

Sletningsmodne Parter

Parties ripe for deletion

We also give you a list of parties who have not been involved in a case with activities for a certain length of time. This list makes it easy for you to erase data belonging to inactive parties.


Access request

This feature lets you export all personally attributable data and documents relating to a given individual. The feature makes it easy for your company to meet GDPR transparency and privacy requirements, so that you can easily provide a given individual with an overview of the data you have collected on them.

Navokat har Sharepoint

Deletion request

You also get a feature that enables you to delete or anonymize data about an individual. The feature lets you control which pieces of data are to be deleted and which are to be anonymized. This feature will help you comply with the GDPR privacy requirement stipulating that people have the right to have their data deleted.

Your data processing agreement

As our customer, you will have a data processing agreement and a data sub-processing agreement from Microsoft, for those of you with hosting in Azure. A full inventory of the personal data we have access to in your company’s system will be attached as an annex.

Your company is of course most welcome to use this inventory in your own journey towards GDPR compliance.

Do you need to enhance your data security?

In addition to the GDPR features of Abakion Legal, we have developed a number of add-ons that you can purchase if you want to enhance your company’s data security.


Multi-factor authentication

This product provides extra security when you log in on a remote desktop.



This solution from FuseMail makes it easier for you to send and receive secure emails.


Client portal

The client portal enables you to securely exchange documents with your clients.



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