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One of the things you need when you start a new law firm is a case processing and financial management system – even if you’re a small firm. At least, that was the view when former Bech-Bruun partner Sys Rovsing decided to start her own law firm together with her two children, among others.

‘Our legal entity consists of seven people, but although we’re not a big company, we handle big cases’, says Troels Rovsing Koch, who is a lawyer and partner at Rovsing Advokater and Sys Rovsing’s son.

Abakion Legal (Navokat) keeps track of financial cases

‘Our focus is on private law, which often also touches on company law and tax law. Especially when dealing with big estates, we often have to handle substantial sums. So, despite our small size, we needed a powerful case processing and financial management system’, says Troels Rovsing Koch.

The large number of financial cases was one reason Rovsing Advokater chose Abakion Legal (Navokat):

‘A lot of lawyers just need to be able to write letters, but we need to be able to do a lot more. For one thing, we have to be able to integrate our accounting, so I liked the idea of a system that was linked up to Outlook so that we could control everything from one place’, says Troels Rovsing Koch.

User-friendly flow

Rovsing Advokater were also very pleased with the user-friendly structure of Abakion Legal:

‘You can tell from the design of the system that the normal administrative process has been looked at thoroughly – that gives Abakion Legal a natural flow. I have found other systems to be a bit stuck in certain patterns, and that makes the processes unnecessarily difficult. The processes in Abakion Legal flow easily because the system is so well-integrated with other Microsoft programs – it’s really cool.

Troels Rovsing Koch is also pleased with the way Navokat enables him to overcome by himself the challenges that can arise:

‘Abakion Legal (Navokat) also enables us to make our own new templates and customizations, and it’s a solution that seems logical to me. It is irritating when IT companies withhold knowledge from their customers so that the customer has to pay whenever they want to use a new feature. With the Navokat solution, we got the tools to solve our own problems.’

Up-to-date system

But Troels, who looked at two other law practice systems as well, took more than the system’s design into account in his decision-making process:

‘It was important for us to get an up-to-date-system that would be supported going forward and would be continuously developed’, he explains.

‘For that reason, I liked Abakion Legal model. Both price-wise and development-wise, I got a current product. The other products I was shown had very high establishment costs and long tie-in periods. In contrast, Abakion seems like a firm with enough belief in its product not to shackle the customer with costly start-up and a long tie-in, and that strikes me as very proper.’

Structure your data

Troels Rovsing Koch and the other staff are very satisfied overall with Abakion Legal (Navokat). That satisfactory result required a good many meetings and in-depth conversations about data structure in the early stages, though:

‘The meetings seemed quite absurd in the beginning, but the boring subject of data discipline is the be-all and end-all – no system is stronger than the data that goes into it. So from the outset you have to nail down things like the details of client creation, what needs to be an FAO and a contact person and so on.’

Moreover, he recommends thorough consideration of what a company actually needs before implementing a law practice system:

There are so many different modules and customization options – what does your law practice system actually need to be able to do? Draw up an analysis of the workflows in the company and work from that. Then you’ll get a system you’re happy with’, suggests Troels Rovsing.

Rovsing & Gammeljord is a co-working space specializing in insolvency law, trust law and private law.

The co-working space comprises two law firms. It was established in 2017 by Sys Rovsing and Anne Birgitte Gammeljord, and also includes two of Sys Rovsing’s children: lawyer and partner Mette Sheraz Rovsing, and Troels Rovsing Koch.

Rovsing Advokater hos Abakion Legal advokatløsningen
Rovsing og Gammeljord hos Abakion Legal

Rovsing & Gammeljord is an office community that specializes in insolvency law, fund law and private law.

The law firm consists of two law firms. It was established in 2017 by Sys Rovsing and Anne Birgitte Gammeljord, and also includes two of Sys Rovsing’s children: Lawyer & Partner Mette Sheraz Rovsing and Troels Rovsing Koch.

Troels Rovsing Koch bruger Abakion Legal

Troels Rovsing Koch, lawyer and partner at Rovsing Advokater

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