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Small law firm handles big cases with Abakion Legal

‘You can tell from the design of the system that the normal administrative process has been looked at thoroughly. That gives Abakion Legal (Navokat) a natural flow.’

‘Abakion seems like a firm with enough belief in its product not to shackle the customer with costly start-up and a long tie-in, and that strikes me as very proper.’

Troels Rovsing Koch, lawyer and partner at Rovsing Advokater

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Rovsing og Gammeljord bruger Abakion Legal

For Reimer Legal, it’s about saving time in the daily routine

‘We’ve seen what it means in the daily routine, and it convinced us at Reimer Legal that we should have a law practice system from the start.’

‘When we investigated the possibilities, Abakion Legal (Navokat) actually proved to be marvellously well suited to smaller law firms.’

Janie C. Nielsen, lawyer and partner at Reimer Legal

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For Reimer Legal handler det om at spare tid i hverdagen

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