Invoice control in Abakion Legal

Invoice control is an area where you as a lawyer can save a great deal of time.

We picture you sitting in your holiday cottage, checking invoices on the laptop. You don’t need bits of paper. You just work directly in a browser.

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Less tied-up cash

Unfortunately, invoicing is still a time-consuming manual process in many law firms.

And unfortunately that also means that invoicing is done too infrequently, which ties up more cash quite unnecessarily. The lawyers wait far too long before invoicing the client; unfortunately, when there is a long interval, clients have time to forget how satisfied and happy they were, giving rise to more queries and objections to the invoices.

Less paper

The way the monthly invoicing works at many law firms is that the lawyers get a big stack of paper on their desks that they have to go through. This involves manual work. And, once you have made your notes on the invoices, the accountant can do the posting.

In Abakion Legal, we have got rid of the paper and turned invoice control into an app in Outlook. This way, you can approve invoices without the stack of paper.

We have one customer who say they save a million Danish kroner a year on this feature alone.

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Mere automatisering

More automation

With invoice controlling in Abakion Legal, the system generates invoice proposals continuously – automatically – all the time. Whenever you want to send invoices, data is ready in the financial system. You don’t have to wait.

You can set up criteria on the clients regarding frequency and minimum amount, and then let the system automatically generate invoice proposals when the criteria are met. Then you can adjust fees, expenses, texts, etc. from your phone or PC – and finally approve the invoices and let the accountant or secretary post and send the invoices to the customers.

Lawyers do not necessarily have to be involved in this process. Their time is better spent on billable cases.

Forget about working on invoices for several days, especially in December, because everyone must review and approve.



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