Document management with Microsoft Sharepoint

Access documents, work on them and work with them the best possible way, online and offline.

With document management, the interesting story isn’t which system is managing the documents. The interesting part is the possibilities that arise in your day-to-day work.

Du kan sidde i retssalen og have alle sagens akter med på din PC eller iPad.

You can be sitting in court and have all the case papers with you on your PC or iPad.

Når du er på farten, kan du tage sagen med offline.

When you’re on the move, you can take the case with you offline.

Uden netværkforbindelse, kan du stadigvæk arbejde med sagen og synkronisere den, når du kommer på job igen.

With no network connection, you can carry on working on the case and synchronize it when you get back to the office.

The solution

From a technical point of view, what provides you with these possibilities is a document management system. We often use Microsoft SharePoint, but it can also be another document system. Abakion Legal is open to using many different document systems. What’s interesting about Microsoft SharePoint is that many companies already have access to it as part of Office 365, in which case it costs nothing.

You may as well make use of something you’ve already paid for.

Nine requirements a document management system should meet

If you want to know more about document management, we think you should read this article, in which Lars Houmann runs through the nine things you should demand of a document solution. Your firm has a great deal to gain by doing document management well, and this article spells it all out.


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