Nystartede advokater

Newly established law firms

What do you need to think about as a newly established law firm?

Newly established law firms

What do you need to think about as a newly established law firm?

Nystartede advokater

When you are a newly established lawyer, you often have to focus on running a business as well as working in the law. A law practice solution bundles up this work and lets you handle finance and case admin in a single system.

More and more junior lawyers are starting their own firms, and they typically have a different approach to using technology. They want to get started quickly, and they want full flexibility.

Newly established lawyers have a bruising time of it with old-fashioned solutions that have high start-up costs or that are not especially flexible when the world changes and the lawyers’ needs change with it.

With Abakion Legal, we want to meet smaller legal firms’ needs with a solution that is quick and cheap to get started with and that is change-ready.

It is a solution you can grow with and that you won’t grow out of when you make it big.

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Features for all routine tasks

It is important that your day-to-day work is as efficient as possible, because time is scarce when you are self-employed. The system should help you pare down the work. Abakion Legal gives you all the tools in Outlook, so you needn’t switch back and forth between systems. It is more efficient to handle everything in Outlook.

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If you want to use technology to grow

Abakion Legal is a feature-rich system by comparison with many of the alternative systems on the market. By that, we also mean it is not the cheapest system. You should choose Abakion Legal because you can see the point of using technology to enhance efficiency, automate repetitive tasks and increase your billing rate.

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If you are in practice by yourself, or perhaps if there are two lawyers in the firm, and you have no plans for growth, then you may be better off with one the low-cost solutions that are not based on a financial management system. We say this because some lawyers in this situation prefer to live with some manual processes, as the amount of work involved is not particularly great.

But, when your firm gets a little bigger, you will quickly outgrow the low-cost environment. When there are 3-5 of you, the possibilities afforded by Abakion Legal will really come into their own.



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