The remote desktop is history

With Abakion Legal, you don’t need a remote desktop any more.

Hardly anyone enjoys using a remote desktop on their computer. It is not particularly efficient. If you have to use remote desktop in your work now, you will be glad to hear that you won’t need it with Abakion Legal.

Du behøver ikke længere fjernskrivebord med Abakion Legal

Why the need for a remote desktop?

The need for a remote desktop arises because your law practice solution is an application hosted in a data centre.

No law firm wants to maintain its own server in the basement. Then you would have to employ IT people to maintain the hardware. The vast majority choose to outsource this maintenance task to a hosting partner.

That way, it is the hosting partner that operates your law practice solution, and you can log on to the solution through a remote desktop that connects you to the solution, because in purely practical terms it sits somewhere else, namely at the hosting company, not in your basement.

Lawyers often have many systems open

The only trouble with this is that lawyers invariably have a great many programs open at the same time.

It is probably not unusual for you to have 14 browser sessions, 10 Word documents and 8 PDF documents open at once – and so it doesn’t work all that well if you have to switch back and forth, to and from a remote desktop, to collaborate with your colleagues.

With Abakion Legal, you use the law practice solution in an ordinary browser, and it fits in with your day-to-day work easily. And the remote desktop is history.

Advokater har tit mange systemer åbne


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