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Small law firms

A scalable solution for continued growth and automated processes

Små advokatfirmaer
Små advokatfirmaer

Your law firm has grown and now has greater governance needs than when you were a newly established lawyer. Growth must not stop here, so you need to pare down your processes, systematise more and get your IT solution to take care of more functions.

Your working routine should be simple and efficient. The lawyer works in Outlook and does all his or her case management from Outlook. Not having to keep switching to a document system, or a time registration system, or a case system, saves a lot of time.

The secretary and the accountant deal with the financial side of the solution. There, they always have the underlying data ready for invoicing, without the lawyer having to transfer anything across.

It is important to us that Abakion Legal is a solution you can grow with. It has the right tools in your current situation, but it is also ready to help you when you get bigger.

For example, the solution is used by Bech Bruun and several other big law practices in Denmark – so we are ready for your growth journey.

It is a solution you can grow with and that you won’t grow out of when you make it big.

Hvad skal du tænke på som mindre advokatfirma

Get all-round functionality without a costly start-up project

Abakion Legal isn’t the cheapest solution on the market, but if you count up all that’s included, the difference is not big. On the other hand, it was a priority for us that the solution should be cheap and easy to get started with, so there is no lengthy and costly start-up project. As a small law firm, you haven’t got time for that.

Let us take care of operation – so you can focus on business

We also think it is important for you not to need to have IT resources in the firm. You should subscribe to a solution that includes operation, back-up, security – and also system updates, which are a major item if not included in the subscription.

Abakion Legal is change-ready, and it is a solution you can both be glad of today and grow with tomorrow.



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