Efficient time registration

If you are carrying out many tasks for many clients on a daily basis, you need an efficient time registration system.

It is best if you register your time worked as soon as you have finished a task. If you wait till later on, you won’t be able to remember all the details, so you will miss lots of small registrations, costing a lot of money in the long run.

Enkel og nem tidsregistrering

Simple, straightforward time registration

If you are going to do time registration as you go along, it needs to be simple and straightforward. There are many smart solutions for this, but you should bear in mind that it’s only smart if the registrations also find their way into your finance system automatically so that they can be used for invoicing.

If you or somebody else still have to transfer the time registrations to the financial system or key them in by hand, that is not particularly smart.

When it comes to time registration, it is a big advantage that case processing and financial management are handled in one and the same system.

In Abakion Legal, we have done a lot to make time registration easy, so you won’t mind recording your time whenever you finish a task. And that’s good for the top line and good for cash flow, too.

A single combined overview

You get a combined overview in Abakion Legal when you register your time. There are very few columns: just the essential ones that are relevant for the lawyer to input. Then, if the registrations need further information, the secretary or the accountant can add it.

We have built in help features so that if you are confused about a price, for example, you can click on it, and the system will give you an explanation. So help is at hand.

And we should also mention that you can register time from your mobile. You can easily record your time worked when you’re on the move.



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