“I think the supplier’s hotline service is important. It is important for us to have good service, and we can always get through on the hotline quickly.”

Janie C. Nielsen, lawyer and partner at Reimer Legal

For Reimer Legal it’s about saving time in their daily activities

When Reimer Legal started as a law firm, it was important to find an IT solution that could help them save time, which always seems to be a scarce resource in a small business.

We are always in Outlook

Janie C. Nielsen, lawyer and partner, has already experienced what a difference having – or not having – a practice management solution can make in a lawyer’s day-to-day work:

‘I have seen what it means in my day-to-day work life, and it convinced us at Reimer Legal to have a practice management system in place from the start,’ explains Janie C. Nielsen.

‘In our everyday work the fact that Outlook is integrated with case management and accounting means a lot for productivity. Everything we do during a normal day can be done in Outlook, and it saves a lot of time not constantly having to go to another system every time you want to work with a document.’

For small law firms

Although Janie C. Nielsen was familiar with Abakion Legal (Navokat) from her time at Bech-Bruun, she thought it was only available for larger law firms so she looked at several other systems on the market.

‘When we looked at the options, Abakion Legal (Navokat) actually turned out to be eminently suitable for smaller law firms.’

‘The deciding factor for me is that the system is user-friendly and that there is integration with Outlook. It takes a long time when you have to jump between systems. Saving time is important.’

Price is an important factor

”At small law firms we have the same quality requirements as at large firms. There is just not as many of us to do the work. We would like to have the same great systems, but we obviously don’t have the same budget as big firms do.”

When you look at a new IT solution, there can be significant differences in how you can buy or rent it. Janie C. Nielsen looked into this when it came time to make their decision:

”Price is obviously important for a small business. Most places you have to buy licenses, but we’re happy that we have been able to rent a solution.”

”We didn’t have to make a large investment in the beginning, and we don’t have to spend time on everyday operations, new versions, backups and so on. When your company isn’t very big it’s a hassle to have to spend time and energy on technology.”

How does Legal 365 rank in price? Janie C. Nielsen has a clear position on this:

”Legal 365 is not the least expensive option, but if the alternative is one of the other practice management solutions then the price difference is not really that significant. On the other hand, I think we get a lot more, so it’s worth the money. At least compared with what I’ve learned about the other solutions.”

Don’t forget about service

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at features and prices of practice management solutions, but Janie C. Nielsen thinks that service is an important factor for small law firms:

‘I think the supplier’s hotline service is important. It can be difficult to assess the quality of the supplier’s service in advance, but it’s important that you can get in touch with someone when you have questions – especially when you are a small business that doesn’t have in-house IT staff.’

‘It is important for us to have good service, and we can always get through on the hotline quickly.

Reimer Legal at the Abakion Legal law solution
Reimer Legal hos Abakion Legal

Reimer Legal advises small and medium companies in classic commercial law issues such as executive contracts, HR and employment law, capital market, regulation of limited liability companies, conflict resolution and negotiation, contracts and corporate advice, as well as mergers and acquisitions.


Janie C. Nielsen at Reimer Legal talks about Abakion Legal

Janie C. Nielsen is a lawyer and partner at Reimer Legal.

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