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Lawyers naturally produce a lot of documents, and most of them are based on documents you have created before. For that reason, most lawyers have a templates collection.

Making a set of document templates for different kinds of case management is truly smart, but it is even smarter if you can draw on a templates collection that others have already produced.

In practice, it is impossible for small and medium-sized law firms, especially, to build their own set of templates, and a lot of time can be saved by using a ready-made document template collection as a starting point.

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Ready-to-use templates

There are many IT solutions for generating documents in the legal industry, but most of them require lawyers to input content themselves. We think Pingo Doc offers an attractive service in this area.

Pingo offers a set of document templates within the most often-used disciplines. Then you can put your own firm’s logo and colours on the documents to make it clear that they come from you.

Pingo has had the collection produced by experts in each discipline. It is an impressive set of substantial documents, which means you can save a great deal of time by using this collection – and the documents will still look like your own, because we can match the design to your firm’s logo and colours.



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