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Use Abakion Legal inside Outlook

Use Abakion Legal inside Outlook

Matter overview with Abakion Legal for Business Central

Matter overview in Abakion Legal

Role Center as the entry point for Abakion Legal in Business Central

Role Center as the entry point

Overview of time recording with Abakion Legal for Business Central

Overview of time recording

As a lawyer, you can access your documents and reports, and have all case management features available on all your devices, both online and offline.

Abakion Legal is designed so that you, the lawyer, work only in Outlook. Relevant features are brought together in your Outlook, and you save time by doing everything in one workflow.

Without your needing to do anything about it, the accountant has everything to hand that they need for issuing invoices and handling all financial management. This is the advantage of having your case processing and financial management in the same system.


  • Use drag-and-drop to journal documents directly in Outlook.
  • Mailmerge documents in seconds.
  • Invoice time worked straight from Outlook.
  • Structure your work and get a clear perspective.


  • Invoicing data is always ready – without the lawyers needing to transfer data or do anything.
  • Based on Microsoft’s Business Central, the solution gives the accountant a complete system for financial management, cash flow management and much more.

Get your work done in Outlook

Use Abakion Legal directly in Outlook. Abakion Legal will locate by itself the cases that an email relates to. You can open a case and view key case details such as outstanding time and amounts. And you can open it in a bigger window to see the details.

Edit cases in Outlook

You can edit cases and contacts directly in the right-hand pane of Outlook. And you can open the case card and access all features while working on the case.

Abakion Legal på mobiltelefon
You can use Abakion Legal on whatever device you have to hand: iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, PC or Mac. Your case processing and financial management system is accessible when you are at the office, with clients, on the move or wherever you happen to be.
Søgning i Abakion Legal
With Abakion Legal SharePoint free text search, you can search across file types, cases, clients and timespans for a name, a particular word or a phrase, for example.
Sager i Abakion Legal
You can export files or folders from SharePoint, so you can work offline, without Internet access. When you’re online again, files and folders will automatically be re-synchronized with your additions.

Create a new contact from an email

Create a new contact on a case, straight from an email. The system will automatically extract the contact details from the email. And you just have to select the case and the relationship type.

Handle trust accounting in minutes

Keep track of the client funds account, create an account statement for each client and carry out trust account adjustment. Query balances in a few minutes – and post the adjustment yourself.

You can use the Power BI Business Intelligence solution together with Abakion Legal. This gives you excellent reporting possibilities. It is a ready-to-use solution that’s tailor-made for law firms.
GDPR with Abakion Legal
Abakion Legal helps you with data protection for GDPR compliance and with data security. Read here about the features the solution provides – and see also our tips on how lawyers should comply with the GDPR in case management.


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