Abakions Release Cycle

In our partnership with Microsoft, we have committed to keep all apps up to date so that they are ready in time for future versions of Business Central.

Microsoft regularly release updates for Business Central – two major releases in May and October and smaller ones more frequently.

To get more information about the specific updates and release plans, visit Microsoft’s website.

The Abakion product development team tests all apps against the upcoming version of Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud). Visit our product Dashboard for the latest update on app testing.

Green means no action required, yellow indicates that changes have been implemented, and red means work must be done.

This approach ensures the Abakion apps are ready to be used when Microsoft release updates for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

All changes to the Abakion apps are documented in release notes available at our support site.


Abakion use DevOps

Abakion utilizes DevOps-tools and practices as it ensures that we maintain system stability and reliability as well as reducing average recovery time, which is key in order for us to provide the best possible service for our partners.

Do you have questions about our Apps or release cycles, you can contact our Frontdesk Team.

[email protected]

We will reply in English.