Unbox your Dynamics 365 Business Central

Abakion Unbox is a template based project to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in less than 2 weeks. It includes best-in-class apps and a best practice configuration of the entire solution – and our consultants migrate your data from your old solution into Business Central.

Abakion Unbox is a complete migration project – including data migration and training. The project is simply so well-planned with templates that we can complete it quickly and for a fixed price.

We carry out the work in less than two weeks – including data migration and training.

If you currently have an older version of NAV, the downtime during the project will be only one day, but you can easily choose Abakion Unbox, even if you come from another ERP system.

Abakion Unbox is a proper migration. We do NOT just pass old legacy code and issues into the new version. This project form cannot be compared to sending your NAV to an “upgrade factory” abroad. We don’t cut any corners.

The result of the project is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, hosted in a Microsoft data center.

The solution includes several apps that enables you to get rid of customizations. As a result, your new solution will be ready for change and growth.

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Prices and subscriptions
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All about Business Central
Learn about the ERP solution from Microsoft – and calculate and buy your subscription.

Do-It-Yourself Business Central
Follow our guide and configure Dynamics 365 Business Central on your own – with no need for costly external consultants.

The 2-week migration project
With Abakion Unbox, you can migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central in less than 2 weeks. Full service – no DIY.

Apps for Business Central
Expand the functionality of Business Central by deploying apps from Microsoft AppSource on your own.

Rapid migration to Business Central

All tasks are based on templates

Quick project and short down-time

Get rid of customizations by using apps

Fixed price – Fixed schedule

The Project

Abakion Unbox is a project method. We deliver Business Central including 3 apps from AppSource and a best-practice configuration. We map your business needs and migrate your data from your old solution.

Including Apps

Along with Abakion Unbox comes our App Bundle which is a collection of essential apps that all companies need for their Business Central. It includes 4 apps with all the stuff you would traditionally hire a consultant to customize.

The Project

Abakion Unbox begins with a Gemba Walk to get to know your company. Then we migrate your data and train you in the new solution. And when you go live, we support the users in getting started.

If you migrate from a previous version of Dynamics NAV, your down-time will be only 1 day, but you can choose Abakion Unbox whichever ERP-solution you may use today.

The Solution

Abakion Unbox is a real migration project – simply condensed and well-planned using templates and standardized apps.

The result is a subscription to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud along with our App Bundle which includes 4 essential apps that every company needs for its Business Central. Read more about the Business Central solution at Microsoft.com.

Do you want to hear others’ experiences of Abakion Unbox?

Read the COO of Tabellae’s lessons and experiences with the Abakion Unbox project method.

When Tabellae decided to transfer their ERP solutions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, they opted for an intensive migration project. Stefan Reina was in charge of the project, and here he talks about what he learnt and offers some tips.

Stefan Reina, COO, Tabellae

The steps of migrating to Business Central


Compatibility assessment

The first step is a conversation in which we go through your particular requirements and the main customizations you have in your old solution. This lets us determine in advance whether Abakion Unbox is suitable for you.

It is important to us that you know what you are taking on, and that we are sure that your company is compatible with the concept.

We have standardized the questions and issues to be clarified that make up the agenda for the meeting. This way, you can come prepared if there is anything particular that we need to talk about.

Punkt 2

See what is included

It is important that you know up front what is included in the deal. Obviously, we will not be able to go through every detail of the solution during one week, but we have put together a course that covers what most companies need.

We have produced 34 videos that show you exactly which business processes are included in the project. See the videos here.

Our concept has a high degree of flexibility built in. You can pick and mix which business processes you would like to include in the training, and which data you would like to have migrated from your old solution.

You will receive 2 Excel-sheets, in which you can select your training and data migration. You have 100 points available, and some items cost more than others. The limit of 100 points ensures that we have enough time within the one week. For most companies, the 100 points are quite sufficient.

Business Processes in Abakion 365

Punkt 3

Gemba Walk

We conduct a one-day Gemba Walk in your company, before we launch the project – and usually before you sign the contract.

There is a good reason for this: It is important for the success of the project that we know as much as possible about your company from the beginning. For a one-week project it is even more important. We don’t want any surprises during the week.

Gemba Walk is an expression from the Lean methodology. It means you observe the work on site. Our business consultant will walk through the departments with you, following the supply chain, and observing how the employees work with ERP, and which processes are important to them.


The project execution

Once we have made an agreement about the project, we book a week in the calendar. This is the week when it all happens.
There will be two consultants assigned to your company.

One consultant is responsible for workshops and training, and will sort out any business-related issues with you.

The other consultant is responsible for migrating data from your old solution. We migrate data intelligently, we use a best-practice setup in the new solution, and we validate the data in the new solution. This means that all data are correctly mapped and the new solution contains only valid data.

Solution-wise, we replace all customizations in the old solution with apps in the new solution. This is feasible for the vast majority of companies today. Not being locked into old customizations prepares you for future changes. From now on, you can carry out version upgrades without having to go through a migration project.

We finish on the last day by deploying the solution, and then everything is ready for your staff to come in to work on the next morning.



The following days, we will have a support consultant dedicated to your company.

The support consultant ensures that your staff get to grips with the new solution, and helping you is this person’s only job during these days.

Tina Mille from Abakion

Get a fixed price quote

We will help you determine exactly what you need.
Call us at +45 70 23 23 16. We are ready to answer the phone and help you.
We will ask a few question about your needs and your situation.
You will receive a quote with a fixed price on everything.

A rapid migration is not…

A quick word about what this project is NOT. Specifically, it is not just a simple version upgrade.

As an alternative to Abakion Unbox, you can have your Dynamics NAV upgraded cheaply and quickly. We can send your old Dynamics NAV solution to an “upgrade factory” abroad, and they will quickly transfer everything to a new version – but they will not change anything other than the Dynamics NAV version.

  • Your old customizations will remain in the solution, and old issues will not be resolved and tidied up. The customizations may be unnecessary in the new version. They may cause errors.
  • Your data, too, will remain in the solution, and this too can risk causing errors if the new version entails changes to the data structure or functionality.

The “upgrade factory” is a really easy method, but it also has its disadvantages. You have to go through an upgrade project every time you want to migrate to a new version, and at some point in time, the legacy you are dragging along will require you to undertake a full migration project.

Who is it right for?

A rapid migration is not for the biggest companies in the world. You have to understand that it also makes demands on you as the customer. You must be capable of carrying out the project in a week.

Then again, this procedure is highly relevant to a great many smaller companies.

A rapid migration project is just right for you if you can see yourself in the following five criteria:

  1. You must be prepared to implement your ERP solution in Microsoft’s cloud environment, and subscribe to the ERP solution – instead of buying a licence.
  2. You must be able to see the advantage of using standard apps that give you change readiness – instead of special customizations developed only for you.
  3. Your functional requirements, too, must be ones that can be met using standard apps. This is the case for the vast majority of smaller companies, but you must be prepared to use alternative solutions if standard apps cannot cover all your processes.
  4. You must see the advantage of using a best-practice setup and account plan, saving hundreds of hours of setup work.
  5. Your organization must be ready to carry out everything within one week. All participants must be briefed and empowered to take decisions. If every decision calls for workshops and approval processes, then it goes without saying that we will run out of time.
Tina Mille from Abakion

Get a fixed price quote

We will help you determine exactly what you need.
Call us at +45 70 23 23 16. We are ready to answer the phone and help you.
We will ask a few question about your needs and your situation.
You will receive a quote with a fixed price on everything.