Shortage on Sales Orders

Save time, reduce Work in Progress and reduce delivery costs

What is Shortage on Sales Orders?

With Abakion’s add-on Shortage on Sales Orders you can quickly see from a sales order which of the lines are in stock, or whether the orders can be picked completely or partially.

If the item can only be partially picked, you can delve all the way down in the item hierarchy and see what components are unavailable.

example of shortage on sales orders

Key Advantages

For Økonomichefen

For the Financial Manager

  • Lower delivery costs since the amount of partial deliveries can be reduced.
  • Happier clients because you can give them more definitive assurance regarding their delivery and salespeople are more able to make promises to their clients that can be kept.
  • Less frustration in the warehouse because employees can pick items in a smarter way.
For indkøb og planlægning

For the Warehouse Manager

  • See which sales orders can be released to pick, knowing they can be picked completely.
  • See items from the top level and all the way down through the hierarchy.
  • Start the day by picking all the sales orders that can be delivered complete, then move on to orders with conflicts, but that can still be delivered in full, and only then move on to partial deliveries.
For Salg og Marketing

For the Salesperson

  • See which orders can be delivered completely or partially in the sales order overview.
  • Reduce the number of partial deliveries and partial invoices by helping the warehouse prioritize which sales orders you want delivered.
  • The ability to promise clients that their order can be delivered without any problems, or to assess whether there are conflicts with the deliveries.
  • Fewer shortage situations where customers do not get their goods.

Core functions in Shortage on Sales Orders

nr 1 kernefunktioner

How does Shortage on Sales Orders work?

Shortage on Sales Orders is integrated into NAV, so when you open a sales order you can calculate the shortage status of all of the sales order lines at one time.

On the sales order line you also see whether the item is in stock and whether it can be picked in time before you start production.

In that way you can see which lines can be produced completely if you start a production order.

nr 2 kernefunktioner

Lowest shortage status on Sales Orders

Save on extra handling and extra delivery costs.

With “Shortage on Sales Orders” you can calculate the shortage status of all sales orders at one time with a report.

The lowest shortage status of the sales order lines appears at the Sales order header as well as in the Sales order list, so you can read which sales orders can be delivered complete in the lookup list.

nr 3 kernefunktioner

Delve into the hierarchy – press Lookup

Track the missing components needed to produce the top product.

From the Sales order line, you can click on the shortage status field and open a new window if the item is a production item.

Here you can see the shortage status of the item as well as its components. You can also delve further into these lines in the same way by scrolling up and down through the whole hierarchy.

number 4 core functions

Phantom BOM’s are allowed for

The solution takes phantom BOM’s into account of course.

So if you have set a line of the type production BOM in a Bill of material, the underlying lines in the hierarchy will also be unfolded.

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