Attribute Configurator

Produce configurable items without the amount of master data exploding

What is Attribute Configurator?

Instead of creating new Items and Bill of materials every time a customer needs a product that has not been made before, you can use this tool to set parent attributes on the products and then search for products from the Sales order line.

If for example the customer has requirements for color, size, frequency, weight, quality, etc., these can be easily identified and you can search for a match among your existing items.

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Key Advantages

For Økonomichefen

For the Salesperson

  • The ability to search across all the attributes that are listed.
  • See whether the same configuration has been sold or produced before.
  • See how many differences there are for each of the matches with the chosen configuration.
For indkøb og planlægning

For Production

  • The salesperson can use a simulated production order as a cost calculation tool, directly from the sales quote or sales order line.
  • Components or Routings can be adjusted directly from the Sales order according to the requirements, and the price is recalculated.
  • If the customer accepts the quote, everything is already prepared for production and it can start straight away.
  • The attributes from the Sales order are carried to the Production order.
For Salg og Marketing

For the Financial Manager

  • A simple data structure prevents the master data volume from exploding. Instead, all of the applied attributes are archived on the posted documents.
  • Less data makes it cheaper to maintain the master data.

Core functions in Attribute configurator

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How does Attribute Configurator work?

From the Sales order you can choose the parameters the customer specifies.

You can use a template with the set of parameters you must remember to ask for when selling a particular kind of product.

Each parameter is entered either as a ”nice to have” or a ”need to have”.

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Search for a match and see the differences

From the Configuration window the Salesperson can search through Items and previous orders that match what the customer wants.

First, items without any differences are shown, and then items with the fewest differences.

All ”need to have” criteria must be met and differences are therefore only in connection with nice to have criteria.

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Choose the product

When you select the item you want to produce, you can decide whether the differences should remain and be carried over to the Sales and Production order, or whether they should be changed to the standard attributes.

This is done in dialogue with the customer.

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Calculate the cost and adjust production orders

From the sales quote or order you can create a simulated production order and edit components and routings on this, as per the customer’s requirements.

So if more time or other materials are needed, the product’s standard bill of materials and attributes are not affected – they are only adjusted for this pairing of sales and production order.

Prices can be continually updated on the sales order line.

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