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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Abakion Go

Abakion Go is for the small and medium-sized companies who want the rich functionality of the Microsoft ERP-solution – but want to avoid a lengthy and expensive ERP-project.

Use the Abakion Go method to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central quickly and easily.


Get started easily

Abakion Go is for you, who want to get started right away – without a lengthy project with external consultants.

We provide Business Central including a template with a complete configuration of 150 master tables. This is best practice, based on decades of experience, and it covers 99 % of all business needs. The Abakion Go guide will help you configure the final 1% by yourself.


Take control

Abakion Go is for you, who want to take control of your own ERP-solution. You can skip the consultant and get all the know-how to remain within your company.

You have templates and tutorial videos available for everything – but you can also acquire help from our support team, should you hit any roadblocks. This way, you can get started in a quick and easy manner.

This is what you get

Abakion Go enables you to get started with Business Central without a long and expensive project.

Business Central from Microsoft

Step-by-step start-up guide

5 apps from Microsoft AppSource

150 best practice templates

600+ tutorial videos

Implementing Business Central with Abakion Go


For growing companies – Everything most companies need
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials
Customers and Suppliers
Inventory Management
Supply Chain Management
Service Management
Includes Abakion Go
Automated configuration
150 Best Practice setup templates
Step-by-step start-up guide
Includes 5 Abakion Apps:
App: Document Customizer
App: Document Handling
App: Master Data Information
+ additional App you select
+ additional App you select


For Enterprises with Manufacturing and Service Management
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium
Customers and Suppliers
Inventory Management
Supply Chain Management
Service Management
Includes Abakion Go
Automated configuration
150 Best Practice setup templates
Step-by-step start-up guide
Includes 5 Abakion Apps:
App: Document Customizer
App: Document Handling
App: Master Data Information
+ additional App you select
+ additional App you select

The subscription cannot be canceled during the first 12 months.

All prices are calculated based on the number of activated full users. Premium, Essential and Device Users count, no matter if they are used by employees, devices, integrations or external consultants. Team members do not count, and non-activated full users do not count either.

The number of full users is the way we scale the price on the Abakion Go apps. It is not relevant how many people use specific apps or areas of functionality. Only the number of full users regulates the price.

From month to month, you can change the number of users. There is no formal notice of changes. Our licensing engine will occasionally check the number of activated full users in your Business Central instance, and the subscription will automatically be adjusted accordingly.

World coverage of Abakion Go
Abakion Go is currently available in the USA and in Denmark.
We can also deliver in other European countries, but it requires additional tasks.

Are you ready to Go?

If you want to take a look at Business Central with Abakion Go, or if you have questions, please reach out to us by submitting this form:

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Take the
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Business Central

The process of
Abakion Go

Access to the solution

To get access to the solution with all your information, you must pay USD 1,091. Then the Abakion Go engine will create an instance of Business Central for you, and you are guided through entering your base company information in Business Central.

From this point, you have 30 days to evaluate Business Central. You don’t even have to talk to anyone, unless you want to.

If you want help from our support team, you can purchase support per hour, or get a Support Bundle. Marc is the proud manager of our Frontdesk-team. They are ready to help you.

Automated Setup

The plain Business Central from Microsoft is not prepared for use, and it usually required many consultancy hours to set up everything. Abakion Go automates this procedure, so you don’t need consultancy help, unless you want to.

Abakion Go configures 150 tables in Business Central using best practice templates, and you can select a template Chart of Accounts. A series of apps is also automatically installed, and these apps enable you to complete the getting started proces on your own.

All the knowledge and experience of the external consultant is built into these apps.

Master Data

The Assisted Setup guides you through the process of importing your existing master data to Business Central, like Customers, Vendors, Items etc.

It also teaches you to do some basic customization of the solution, in case you have specific data requirements.

Importing Master Data is do-it-yourself, and you get import templates to get the job done, but if you would rather have us do it, you can purchase an add-on service at fixed price – and then we will do it for you.


We have more than 600 instructional videos to teach you how to use the Business Central solution, from basic beginners level – to expert detailed level. And they cover everything from daily use to periodic tasks.

Training is based on self-service online video courses.

If you prefer traditional training, we can offer you a series of training services at fixed prices. A real teacher will conduct a course for up to 6 of your employees online via Microsoft Teams.

Go live

The Assisted Setup will guide you through the last tasks to get your Business Central ready to go live. And that’s it, you are done.

When you go live (or after 30 days trial whichever comes first), the subscription for Business Central and Abakion Apps begins.

Optional services

If you don’t want to do all tasks yourself, you can purchase these standardized add-on services.
These are all optional:

Training Session

by an Abakion consultant

Select one of our standardized training sessions. Personal teacher on Teams with up to 6 participants from your organization.

Fixed price:
EUR 800 / USD 880 / DKK 6000


by an Abakion consultant

Support Bundle with 5 hours of support by our excellent Frontdesk-team.

You can email or call, whenever you may need help.

5 hours support:
EUR 1100 / USD 1334 / DKK 8250

Learn more about
Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is for you, who needs more than just basic financial management, invoicing and simple stock keeping.

If you are just starting your business now, you may choose one of the simple online accounting solutions. They are suitable for entrepreneurs and self-employed, and they are cheap to use.

Choose the right ERP-solution

When you need richer functionalities, such as purchasing, sales, warehouse management, logistics, service management, manufacturing – and you need the flexibility to shape the solution to your needs – then Business Central is suitable for you.

What kind of companies usually use the Business Central ERP-solution from Microsoft?

Wholesale companies
Wholesale companies
Manufacturing companies
Manufacturing companies
Retail companies
Retail companies
Logistics companies
Logistics companies
Consultancy companies
Consultancy companies
Construction companies
Construction companies

ERP in the cloud
= Software-as-a-Service

Abakion Go gives you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud. It’s real cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the Microsoft Datacenter. It’s not just a regular hosted solution.

It offers many benefits: The solution is automatically updated every month. And you can install apps from Microsoft AppSource instead of calling a developer.

When you evaluate Abakion Go against other suppliers of Business Central, make sure you get the real thing (= Software-as-a-Service in the Microsoft Datacenter).

Get started now …

Get your Business Central instance with Abakion Go at no cost – evaluate if it is right for you – and then proceed to purchase the Abakion Go configuration if you like.

Abakion Go is ready to help you with
Business Central


Frequently asked questions

How can I find out whether the solution has all the features I need?

There are two aspects to this question. First, you must be sure that the ERP solution from Microsoft has the features you need. It probably does, because it’s one of the premier solutions in the world, but if you do not already know the solution, you can see general videos on this page and read about features at the bottom of this page. If you want to be very thorough, it is also possible to have a trial version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central issued so that you can try out the solution in detail.

Secondly, you must also satisfy yourself that Abakion Go includes all the setup you need. Abakion Go is a best practice package put together over decades, so we have great confidence in the quality of the content. You can look through all materials before making a decision. There’ll be no surprises along the way.

What does the Abakion Go subscription include?

When you take out an Abakion Go subscription, it includes a subscription to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and five apps from AppSource. The following are preinstalled and necessary to complete the Abakion Go process: Master Data Information, Document Customizer and Document Handling. You may select two more apps, if you like.

How experienced do I need to be to complete Abakion Go unaided?

You don’t need in-depth experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to complete Abakion Go. We have videos and descriptions to help you in every step, so it is accessible to a great many people.

The main thing is that you have a bit of experience both with ERP and with your company. If you have previously worked with ERP at superuser level, that will stand you in good stead. But you also need an understanding of the processes of your company so that you can make decisions about the data to be input to the ERP system. A foot in both worlds will stand you in good stead.

What do I do if I get stuck halfway and can’t complete the project?

We want you to succeed, and there will be plenty of help available – both in-person and instructional videos. The in-person help can be purchased from our Frontdesk-team bye the hour or by a Support Bundle.

There are often videos describing how you can move forward in the process, and the easiest way to help often is to guide you towards the right videos for you to watch.

If you during the first 30 days of trial feel that it’s not right for you after all, you can decide not to subscribe to the solution at all. The subscription does not kick in before you go live or 30 days has passed, whichever comes first. So you have plenty of time to evaluate and change your mind.

How do I cancel the subscription – or parts of it?

You can easily cancel the subscription by contacting Abakion. You can cancel by giving one month’s notice before the cut-off day of the month, which is determined by the date on which you originally purchased the solution.

An Abakion Go subscription can only be taken out or cancelled as a package. For example, if there’s one of the five apps that you don’t use, you cannot cancel that one app. You can cancel Abakion Go altogether and re-subscribe to the individual parts, but that is probably not cheaper, as Abakion Go provides a volume discount.

Will I be tied in to Abakion if I choose Abakion Go?

No, you won’t be tied in. For the first 12 months, the subscription cannot be cancelled, but even during the first 12 months you can have any ERP supplier support your Business Central, and you can add Apps from any supplier you like.

The solution is hosted with Microsoft, so it is actually quite simple and easy to change supplier. The subscription to the apps will then continue at the current price on Microsoft AppSource, but you can also opt to cancel the subscription to some or all of these apps should you so wish, after the first 12 months.

Can I change my mind and get a refund?

There is an important cut-off point, you need to bear this in mind: When you have the Abakion Go configuration installed with the 150 best practice templates, the initial price for Abakion Go cannot be refunded, because the installation cannot be undone.

Subscriptions can be cancelled with 1 month notice as described in details elsewhere on this page, but the current month cannot be refunded partially. Please note, after going live, the subscription has a 12-months mandatory period.

How does the 30-day free subscription work?

Completing Abakion Go naturally requires access to Dynamics 365 Business Central. But we also know that it takes a little time for you to be ready to go live with all users. It would therefore be no fun having to pay full price from day one.

You have free access to Business Central for one user for 30 days, including all apps. So, you have 30 days to complete Abakion Go before the paid subscription begins.

If you take less than 30 days to complete Abakion Go, the paid subscription will start when you opt to go live with the solution.