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Abakion Go is for you who needs rich functionality with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – but want to avoid a lengthy and expensive ERP-project.

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Everything you need to get started with Business Central

Business Central

3 apps from Microsoft AppSource

150 best practice templates

10-step start‑up guide

500+ tutorial videos

Call a lifeline during start‑up

Two main reasons to choose Abakion Go

Get started easily

Abakion Go is for you, who want to get started right away – without a lengthy project with external consultants.

We provide Business Central including a template with a complete configuration of 150 master tables. This is best practice, based on decades of experience, and it covers 99 % of all business needs. The Abakion Go guide will help you configure the final 1% by yourself.

You have templates and tutorial videos available for everything – and you can reach out to our dedicated lifeline support, should you hit any roadblocks. This way, you can get started in a quick and easy manner.

Take control

Abakion Go is for you, who want to take control of your own ERP-solution.

In most ERP-projects, the external consultant becomes the expert in your new ERP-solution. So, every time you take a new initiative, you depend on external help.

If you take the responsibility for the ERP-project yourself, all the know-how remains within your company. You can take control of your own ERP-solution, because all relevant skills and knowledge remains in-house.

This way you’re not always dependent on calling a consultant.

Which kind of companies usually choose Business Central?

The typical company using Business Central manages a supply chain of goods that it purchases or manufactures – and sells as wholesale or by order to other companies, or through an ecommerce website or a few retail stores. They may also sell services, either as consultancy services, projects or as after-sales services.

Wholesale companies
Manufacturing companies
Retail companies
Logistics companies
Consultancy companies
Construction companies

Choose the right solution

Business Central is for you, who needs more than just basic financial management, invoicing and simple stock keeping.

If you are just starting your business now, you may choose one of the simple online accounting solutions. They are suitable for entrepreneurs and self-employed, and they are cheap to use. But when you need richer functionalities, such as purchasing, sales, warehouse management, logistics, service management, manufacturing – and you need the flexibility to shape the solution to your needs – then Business Central is suitable for you.

If you want to look into the features of Business Central, try watching the tutorial videos at You’ll get a clear picture of the capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is for you, who wants rich functionality to manage the entire supply chain.

– Sune Lohse
Chief Strategy Officer, Abakion

In the cloud with Business Central

Abakion Go gives you Business Central in the cloud. It’s real cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

It offers many benefits. For example, the solution is automatically updated every month. And you can install apps from Microsoft AppSource instead of calling a developer.

When you evaluate Abakion Go against other suppliers of Business Central, make sure you get the real thing.

Now we want to tell you why Business Central is easier with

With Abakion Go you can do it yourself

In an advanced ERP-solution such as Business Central, you must make many choices and configure many parameters, before you can start using the solution. Of course, the point is to enable you to tailor the solution to your needs.

But honestly … most businesses are better off starting with a best practice standard, rather than building everything on their own from scratch.

That’s exactly what we have prepared with Abakion Go. We have standardized and packaged as much as possible into the solution. It’s actually ready to use when you get it delivered.

It usually requires hundreds of hours of work before a basic Business Central solution is even ready for use. So, with Abakion Go, you save a lot of time and effort.

Use the best practice templates in Abakion Go as your starting point and tweak the few things you need to customize to satisfy your business’ needs.

During the start-up process, Abakion Go will guide you through 10 steps – allowing you to adjust the configuration, add new things, import existing data, adjust layouts and integrate with other systems. To the extent you need it, of course.

This provides you rich functionality – but you still get started quickly and easily.

I can do it myself with Abakion Go.
Can you?

This is what you get

Abakion Go has everything you need to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
You get 3 important things with Abakion Go:

The solution is ready to use

At every IT supplier you can purchase a plain Business Central subscription. You get the basic solution from Microsoft. But you miss out on lots of configurations, customizations and integration options – and then you have to call a consultant.

We have bundled everything the consultant normally does into a comprehensive package called Abakion Go. Hence, Abakion Go comes with a ton of templates and apps, enabling you to get started with Business Central without consultants.

We assist you in succeeding

Our start-up path and video library guide you all the way. As of now, more than 500 tutorial videos are available to show you how to use the solution.

In each step of the start-up you have one or more videos demonstrating what you can do in Business Central.

We are your lifeline. Our onboarding consultants will assist you in every step of the start-up process, until you have successfully gone live with your solution. We do not perform the tasks for you, but we explain, instruct, advise and guide you in the right direction. Just call or write – we are there for you.

Abakion Go Dashboard for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Customize the solution yourself

If you have previously worked with Dynamics NAV, you are used to getting external consultants to add fields, edit documents and set up data exchanges.

Business Central is the new version of Dynamics NAV, so you’ll always need the same customizations – and when you choose Abakion Go, you get them in the form of apps. Three apps are included in the package. These are three apps verified by Microsoft and available on Microsoft AppSource. They replace traditional customizations by external consultants.

Master Data Information

With Master Data Information, you can design the data structure for items, vendors, customers and other tables. It ensures that you can avoid customizations, because you can create new fields without developing in the solution.

It is a PIM system in Business Central that lets you search for items across all master data, create items from a template, bulk-update many entries at once, attach files, let data flow from customers and items to open orders and posted documents – and all these functions can also be used on many other tables such as customers and vendors, avoiding the need for all the usual customizations.

Read more »View on AppSource »

Document Customizer

With Document Customizer, you can edit the content and layout of documents such as invoices, order confirmations, shipping notes, purchase orders, quotes etc.

You can insert data, text and logos – including item, customer or vendor-dependent text. You can manage documents in multiple languages, use different layouts for different customers, time-restrict document texts and so on.

This way, you can tweak your documents yourself without developing.

Read more »View on AppSource »

Dynamic Data Exchange

With Dynamic Data Exchange, you can easily set up integrations to other systems and services. This usually involves development work, but this app gives you setup features so you can build integrations yourself.

You can set up automated, scheduled data exchanges, map tables and fields, merge and trim data, calculate, format – everything you need in a normal data integration.

No costly development of your simple integrations.

Read more »View on AppSource »

All the fine print …

… is written in large here

It is important that you know what you get, and what you DON’T get, with Abakion Go. That’s why we set out the important conditions here, where you can’t miss them.

  • No consulting services are included in the package. We advise, answer any question and guide you the right direction, but we don’t perform the tasks for you. That’s why we call it a ‘lifeline’. The point of the concept is that you can get by with the guide, the templates and all the videos (in English). If you would like us to do any of the work for you, you can hire our consulting service.
  • If you don’t already know Business Central, you must trust that Microsoft has built a solution that can do what you need. Please do what you can to research the topics that are important for you. If there is something you need to be certain is covered, please ask us in advance.
  • If you have previously worked with ERP, that will stand you in better stead. If you have never worked with ERP before, Abakion Go probably isn’t for you.
  • If you have experience with simple accounting software for small business, you will find that the complexity increases with Business Central, because it is an ERP solution for companies who want to manage the entire supply chain.
  • The setup included in the package is the setup you get. Our templates are based on decades of experience and are used by a great many companies both large and small. We feel very confident that the templates can be used in your company as well, but it is of course a matter of trust, in that you must count on them working for you too. Should it turn out that odd things are missing, you will have to add them or have them added by a consultant.
  • You can import customers, vendors, items, sales prices, purchase prices (and routings and bills of material if you have manufacturing) yourself using the Import Worksheet tool and our ready-made Excel templates. These are included in Abakion Go. Other than that, no data migration is included in the package. Your history, such as posted documents, finance entries and item entries, will not be transferred. And you key in or transfer open purchase and sales orders yourself when you go live.
  • You can cancel month to month – by giving one month’s notice before the day of the month on which you originally subscribed. Microsoft has a rule that you are tied in for one year, but after that you are completely free.

… so what does it cost?

The subscription is free of charge while you are working on Abakion Go. Up to 30 days for one user.

One-off charge for the start-up guide, best practice configuration templates, preparation of the solution and forwarding of login details. Exclusive of taxes / vat.
Monthly subscription for the first named user. Additional users are cheaper. The number of users can be changed each month, and you to commit to one year. Exclusive of taxes / vat.

Start-up price
Abakion Go
Lifeline Support included +
Access to support for Abakion Go. Help will be at hand during the process. Right now, this service is free of charge.
Monthly subscription
Business Central Essentials: 1 user at
Premium license + per user
If you need Production or Service Management, a Premium Business Central licence is required, at an additional cost of per user.
SUBTOTAL excl. taxes / vat
Cost of start-up + first month free.
Taxes not calculated ().
Monthly subscription thereafter, excl. taxes
Total first-year price excl. taxes / vat.

Start out with 1 user, while you get your Business Central configured.

You can spend as much time as you would like on Abakion Go.
The first 30 days of subscription are free of charge.

If you need additional users when you go live, they are much cheaper.
Calculate your user price here:

1 users – monthly subscription per named user
The monthly subscription per user gets cheaper the more users you subscribe to. 1 named users will each cost , with a total of per month.
Select number of users:

When you’ve purchased Abakion Go …

When you have purchased Abakion Go using the form above, we will point you to step 1 of the guide.

There, you will make your first choices, and at the end of step 1 you can opt to request access to your Dynamics 365 Business Central. You will then receive an email with your login details, and your 30-day free subscription will begin.

You can then work your way through the 10 steps of the start-up guide – and call or email us for assistance if needed. There are also lots of videos to help you on your way.

When you come to go live with the solution in the final step, your first rate of the subscription will be invoiced with the number of users you selected at the time of purchase. You are now done and dusted, and your Business Central is ready to use.


We’re ready to help you with
Abakion Go

Talk to a real human

Have a chat with our Go-Manager Bo H. Hansen

You may also be so fortunate to reach Sune – or Christina – or Nadezda – or Jesper – or Bernt

Frequently asked questions

How can I find out whether the solution has all the features I need?

There are two aspects to this question. First, you must be sure that the ERP solution from Microsoft has the features you need. If you do not already know the solution, you can see general videos on this page and read about features at the bottom of this page. If you want to be very thorough, it is also possible to have a trial version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central issued so that you can try out the solution in detail.

Secondly, you must also satisfy yourself that Abakion Go includes all the setup you need. Abakion Go is a best practice package put together over decades, so we have great confidence in the quality of the content. That is why we have made all the content freely available. You can click your way through all 10 steps of Abakion go and evaluate the content. That way, there’ll be no surprises along the way.

How experienced do I need to be to complete Abakion Go unaided?

You don’t need in-depth experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to complete Abakion Go. There are videos to guide you through it all, so it is accessible to a great many people.

The main thing is that you have a bit of experience both with ERP and with your company. If you have previously worked with ERP at superuser level, that will stand you in good stead. But you also need an understanding of many aspects of your company so that you can make decisions about the data to be input to the ERP system. A foot in both worlds will stand you in good stead.

If you haven’t worked with ERP before, or have only worked with very simple finance systems, or if you are not part of (or connected with) your company’s finance department, Abakion Go will be an uphill struggle. You would be better off opting for another type of project, where you can get more help from external consultants.

What do I do if I get stuck halfway and can’t complete the project?

Abakion Go is DIY, so the assumption is that you are on your own. That’s why we place so much emphasis on your being able to evaluate everything before you buy. Then again, we really don’t want to see you get stuck and have a bad experience.

There are often videos describing how you can move forward in the process, and we will be very happy to guide you towards the right videos for you to watch.

We also recommend you to make use of what we call our ‘lifeline’. This is a support service enabling you to call us for help with moving forward in the Abakion Go process. It can only be used for Abakion Go. It is valid until you go live, after which it cannot be used for ordinary user support. On the other hand, it is cheap (0,- at the moment). Look at it as insurance against being left high and dry if the going gets tough.

What does the Abakion Go subscription include?

When you take out an Abakion Go subscription, it includes a subscription to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and subscriptions to three apps from AppSource: Master Data Information, Document Customizer and Dynamic Data Exchange. These four subscriptions are priced as a combined bundle, so you get a discount as compared with subscribing to them individually.

How do I cancel the subscription – or parts of it?

An Abakion Go subscription can only be taken out or cancelled as a package. For example, if there’s one of the three apps that you don’t use, you cannot save money by cancelling that one app. You can cancel Abakion Go altogether and re-subscribe to the individual parts, but that is not guaranteed to be cheaper, as Abakion Go provides a volume discount.

You can easily cancel the subscription by contacting Abakion. You can cancel by giving one month’s notice before the cut-off day of the month, which is determined by the date on which you originally purchased the solution.

Will I be tied in to Abakion if I choose Abakion Go?

No, you won’t be tied in. We give you a volume discount if all your subscriptions are with us, and of course you will miss out on that if you no longer want to have your Microsoft licence registered with us as your dealer – but you are not tied in.

You can by all means transfer your Dynamics 365 Business Central to another dealer. The solution is hosted with Microsoft, so it is actually quite simple and easy to change dealers. The subscription to the three apps will then continue at the current price on Microsoft AppSource. You can also opt to stop the subscription to some or all of these apps should you so wish.

Can I change my mind and get a refund?

We’d much rather have happy, satisfied customers, so, if you change your mind about your purchase, in principle we will be happy to give a refund. However, there is an important cut-off point after which there is no going back, and you need to bear this in mind.

At the end of step 1 in Abakion Go, when you choose to request access to the solution, you set our people to work, and we then supply a licence and access to Dynamics 365 Business Central and associated apps. When you click the ‘YES’ button in this step, there is no going back as far as the start-up price, the lifeline prepayment card and the first year’s Business Central subscription are concerned. That aside, you can of course cancel whenever you like.

How does the 30-day free subscription work?

Completing Abakion Go naturally requires access to Dynamics 365 Business Central. But we also know that it takes a little time for you to be ready to go live with all users. It would therefore be no fun having to pay full price from day one.

You have free access to Business Central for one user for 30 days, including all apps and setup. So, you have 30 days to complete Abakion Go before the paid subscription begins.

If you take less than 30 days to complete Abakion Go, the paid subscription will start when you opt to go live with the solution. At that point, you also need all the user accounts.