Abakion Go Training – Purchase and vendors

After this training you have gained basis knowledge regarding periodic activities related to your purchases and inventory.

In this training session we dive into purchase processes in Business Central. We start with the vendors which is one of the core master data entities for most companies.

We go through the process of creating vendors – focusing on the most important fields – and how to create relevant related data such as prices and discounts.

We then move to daily inventory processes including the document flow from quote over order and invoice as well as return orders and credit memos.

Finally, we look at the transaction entries generated in the module and tips for navigation and most used standard purchase and vendor reports.


– Master Data
– Create vendor and vendor list
– Create purchase prices
– Create purchase discounts
– Purchase processes
– Purchase quote
– Purchase order
– Purchase return order
– Purchase invoice
– Purchase credit memo
– Transactions
– Item ledger entries and navigation
– Vendor ledger entries and navigation
– Purchase and vendor reporting


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Functional requirements

Training in BC standard functionality – Purchase and vendors

Subject area



All industries


Dynamics 365 Business Central


USD 880
EUR 800