Unbox your B2B E-commerce

Unbox Ecommerce is a project method to implement a B2B Ecommerce solution in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You have the opportunity to get started with your new ecommerce solution in 3 weeks.

Unbox is a complete ecommerce project, which consists of apps installed in your Business Central ERP solution. We are responsible for installation and you will receive training, which enables you to be responsible for future maintenance of the solution yourself.

You can use Unbox Ecommerce to expand your existing Business Central with an ecommerce solution. There is no need to switch vendors if you are content with your supplier.

No integration – only live data

No integration
– only live data

Quick project. Going live fast

Quick project.
Going live fast

No heavy manual processes

No heavy
manual processes

Inexpensive monthly subscription

Inexpensive monthly subscription 

Unbox Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Unbox is a complete project including implementation and training. We guide and train you and your colleagues to get started.

The complete solution is a B2B Ecommerce site managed by two apps that we install in your Business Central.

The document about Unbox E-commerce

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Unbox E-commerce

18 pages PDF with description of:
– Steps of the project
– Standard-apps
– Pricing
– Roles and responsibilities

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Overview of the Unbox project

The Project

An Unbox project begins with a scoping day, where we evaluate your needs, so that we in collaboration can decide whether B2B E-commerce is right for your company. Depending on the outcome of the decision we plan the following weeks together.

Once we have secured a common overview, we will begin the implementation phase. Together we create the hierarchy of your master data, create your webshop and implement your design. Then we ensure that you get off to a great start with your data – and get ready to go live.

Overview of the Unbox Ecommerce solution

The Solution

The result of an Unbox Ecommerce project is the B2B Ecommerce solution which is an app-based solution for Business Central, which are maintained and automatically updated when new updates to your Business Central are available.

You avoid all technical maintenance yourself, as Abakion and Microsoft work together to make sure your apps always work and are in accordance with the latest versions.

The solution is based on the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you do not already have a Business Central, you must subscribe to this in addition to the Unbox Ecommerce project. You can easily continue with your usual Business Central supplier if you already have a supplier you are happy with.

Shopify revolutionized B2C-ecommerce with their plug’n’play solution. Now we do the same for B2B web stores.

All about the B2B Ecommerce solution:

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B2B E-commerce with Unbox for
Dynamics 365 Business Central


The process begins with a scoping day where you meet with an Ecommerce consultant from Abakion. The purpose is to figure out if Unbox Ecommerce is right for your business. We map your needs and make a plan for the project.

It is important to us that you know what you are getting yourself into and that we are sure that your company fits the concept. After the scoping day, you can choose whether you want to continue with the Unbox implementation project.


Implementation mainly consists of two parts: the technical implementation and the design implementation.

In the technical part, we first install the two apps “Master Data Information” and “B2B Ecommerce“, after which we set up the structure of Business Central and the basic master data hierarchy.

As part of the implementation, we also ensure that your design fits into your new ecommerce site, so that your store resembles your visual identity. Here, however, it is a prerequisite that you already have a design that we can implement.

If you are a start-up company without a design, you can also start with one of the standard designs we offer.


To ensure that after the completion of the Unbox project, you are able to take care of the maintenance of your B2B Ecommerce solution yourself, we gather all your employees who have to enter data into the system, and teach them exactly how to manage it.

Here we give them the opportunity to create items and item groups so they know how to manage the practical work.


It is your main task in the project to keep track of your data, and provide a complete hierarchical structure for items and groups / categories. Shortly after the scoping day, you will be instructed on how to approach this.

Once we have your item structure, we create the first item groups so you can see how your data should be structured. It is these tasks that you and your employees will be instructed to do during the training.

After the training, it is your responsibility to add the remaining data. We are of course available to answer questions in the process.

Going live

When you are confident that everything is as it should be, we move the ecommerce site from the test server to the production environment, and let the customers visit your new B2B Ecommerce store.

The document about Unbox Ecommerce

Read all about
Unbox Ecommerce

18 pages PDF with a description of the Unbox-concept.

Unbox Ecommerce pricing

We have 3 pricing plans to be able to offer you a low entry price
and allow you to grow with the solution.

The plan limits are guidelines. We never throttle customers or cut your site off for getting a traffic spike.
When your numbers consistently exceeds your plan limits, we will have a talk with you to determine which plan best fits your needs.


< 50 Customer logins /mo
< 1000 Items in shop

800 dkk/mo base price


< 1000 Customer logins /mo
< 5000 Items in shop

2000 dkk/mo base price


Unlimited Customer logins /mo
Unlimited Items in shop

4400 dkk/mo base price

Calculate your own price

Enter your data and see how little the solution will cost you.

Initial Project

Fixed price
Guided process
The initial project gets you set up with the solution and trained to maintain master data for the ecommerce site.


Per Month. Paid Yearly
Startup Plan
The subscription covers the two apps B2B Ecommerce and Master Data Information, and hosting your ecommerce site on Microsoft Azure. Everything you need to run your B2B ecommerce site.

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