The right strategy for Dynamics NAV – and future-proofing for Dynamics 365

Strategy for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365

Many companies have a strong desire to be future-proof. This is, of course, because it is difficult to predict the future.

It is impossible to say what your company or the market will look like in a few years and that is why an ERP solution needs to be both agile and flexible, so it’s easy to keep up with the times.

Microsoft puts a lot of effort into keeping up with current developments. Anyone who has followed Dynamics NAV through the years will agree that there has been dramatic development of the solution in a short time.

This development is sure to continue. It is just hard to predict the future. You should therefore keep your options open – and to do so to the greatest extent possible, you should stick with standard solutions.

Standard solution including upgrades

Is Abakion’s add-on solution better than customizing yourself? Yes, because we maintain it as a standard solution.

We don’t develop it for you alone. We maintain the solution for many customers, and all of them use the same solution. That is how we can guarantee that we will upgrade the solution to new versions without any cost to you.

Customizations are a poor alternative

The alternative is to customize the solution yourself. This lets you meet a real, current need for your business, but at the same time you have to give up flexibility and agility.

Customizations don’t give you options – they paint you into a corner.

There are a great many companies that feel trapped in old custom solutions that make it very difficult to take advantage of the new possibilities that they could otherwise benefit from when Microsoft makes new versions available.

Customizations are not only expensive to upgrade – they also hamper your agility and flexibility.

No binding

Does choosing Abakion’s solution bind you to them? You can choose to look at it like that, of course, but you can always unsubscribe and you can export all of your data in a structured format. You can also choose to switch to another NAV distributor and continue using our solution with them. We sell a lot of solutions through other partners, so you are free to choose.

You are certainly less bound to Abakion than you would be to a custom solution, in which case you are binding yourself to the past, unless you have lots of money to constantly develop and upgrade the custom solution.

It is also worth mentioning that our solution has been evaluated and certified by Microsoft. They stand behind the quality of our work with the “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” certificate.

Can a standard solution cover your needs?

Being a bit sceptical is understandable. The ERP business has focused on customizations for many years, so it is a major change for many in the industry to have to work with standard solutions.

If you ask your ERP provider (who makes a living selling you consulting hours), he will say for sure that it can’t be done. The reason for this is that they only look at the solution that Microsoft provides – and they are absolutely right – it won’t meet all your needs. You need the additional standard-apps from Abakion to have enough options to avoid customizations.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Dynamics 365 and Dynamics NAV

Are you considering Dynamics 365 or Dynamics NAV?

In 2016 Microsoft announced a new solution called Microsoft Dynamics 365. It will be a solution targeted towards small businesses.

As of today Dynamics 365 is only available in the US and Canada, but during 2017 the solution will also be released in 4 countries in Europe and several more countries the following year.

Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 actually share the same user interface, because they are based on the same core design. In 2016 Microsoft’s “Madeira” development project eventually resulted in both Dynamics NAV 2017 and Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 is a solution for small businesses that don’t need the advanced features found in Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics 365 will be available in two versions: a Business Edition with limited functionality in the areas of finance, sales and marketing, and an Enterprise Edition, which will also include simple management of production and service.

Microsoft intends for Dynamics 365 to be bought just like you would buy an Office suite. It is only available as an online solution on a subscription basis. There’s an app store where you can buy extra functionality, just like you would on your phone.

If you are currently using Dynamics NAV, it is not likely that Dynamics 365 will meet all of your needs.

The Dynamics NAV solution included in the Abakion 365 subscription is the best way to future-proof yourself. It is based on Dynamics NAV 2017 and it provides you complete functionality from Microsoft.

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