Warehouse Management

Complete control of the warehouse has never been easier.

What is Warehouse Management?

Abakion Warehouse Management is an Add-on that includes wireless data capture.

Each operation can be made in NAV as well as on handheld terminals. The terminals make it possible to register the daily work with one tenth of the keystrokes required on a traditional user interface. It also eliminates typing errors.

Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics

Key Advantages

For Økonomichefen

For the Warehouse Manager

  • Labels printed directly from the scanner minimizes the risk of incorrect labeling.
  • Correct registration of received goods reduces the need for later corrections.
  • A picker can be trained in 5 minutes.
  • Warehouse errors are reduced to a minimum.
  • Inventory Counts can easily be prepared and followed throughout the entire process.
For indkøb og planlægning

For the Financial Manager

  • Less tied-up stock when uncertainty decreases.
  • More accurate inventory data Means less noice and fewer inventory adjustments.
  • Reduced costs in inventory counts. Posting entries in real time Means that the inventory is always correct and control counts can be performed when there is available capacity.
  • Greater reliability of deliveries with smaller inventory.
For Salg og Marketing

For the Warehouse Employee

  • You can find where an item is located by reading the scanner.
  • All tasks can be performed on the scanner.
  • The scanner helps you prevent typing errors and assists you in simple daily tasks Thus achieving greater efficiency.
  • The solution is easy to use.

Core functions in Warehouse Management

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How does Warehouse Management work?

Basic or Advanced Warehouse?

Abakion’s Warehouse Management Inbound, Outbound and Internal Processes are all a natural extension to the standard Warehouse Management in Dynamics NAV.

The solutions can be set up so that they support both simple (one order at a time) and advanced warehouse (several orders at a time). All 3 process modules can be fully integrated into standard item tracking in NAV (requires Abakion warehouse tracking granule).

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Advanced Supply Chain Management

Contains Print, One receipt for several purchase orders and Automatic creation of warehouse dokuments from the scanner.

In order to use Advance Supply Chain Management you need to purchase the Microsoft NAV granule 4190 (Warehouse Receipt), in addition to the Basic Supply Chain Management granules.

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Restock, counting and adjustments

All types of restock, counting and administration can be performed and registered directly from the hand terminal.

When you have some time to spare in the warehouse, you can easily make ongoing Counts so there is less to Count up when the annual inventory Count takes place.

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Fast and simple picking process

The entire receiving process can be reduced to 2 keystrokes per item and can be posted directly from the terminal, if desired.

The picker is led through the warehouse on one route by the order of location numbers, so walking or driving time is minimized. Picking can be generated when the picker asks for the next pick, so the pick always takes the most possible incoming items available.

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