Launch a B2B webstore with no integration work and no heavy maintenance

B2B Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The B2B E-commerce app enables you to launch an online B2B store in no time – integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Skip the heavy maintenance of a stand-alone B2B webstore.

Meet your new web store for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Shopify revolutionized B2C-ecommerce with their plug’n’play solution. Now we do the same for B2B web stores.

With the app B2B Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can start a new B2B web store in less than 20 minutes – with a price from EUR 135 / USD 155 per month.

The traditional challenge

A B2B-store is expensive to set up and integrate with ERP, and often there are manual processes and manual data maintenance.

This is a problem when all product data, inventories and order data are in 2 places and all changes need to be synchronized back and forth.

The requirements

A B2B-ecommerce store must be closely integrated with ERP, because the customer must have all product data, precise information about stock, delivery time, and the webshop must provide precise prices with regard to customer-specific agreements and current campaigns.

You must provide the customer an accurate and reliable experience at the B2B store.

The solution

The smart solution is to use this App for Business Central. The app displays ERP data in an interface that works exactly like a webstore.

Your customers actually use live Business Central data, but it all looks like a regular web store.

There are no updates or integration, and the ecommerce-store can use all processes and data in Business Central.

Ecommerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can design your B2B ecommerce store any way you like

The features of B2B Ecommerce

Master Data Management for B2B Ecommerce in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Master data management

Build you own master data hierarchy inside Business Central – and select which items and data to show on the ecommerce-store. You only maintain data and the structure in Business Central.

Accurate master data for B2B Ecommerce in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Always accurate

There is no integration, only live data, so inventories and delivery dates are always accurate.

Instantly updated B2B Ecommerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Instantly updated

When customers put items in the basket, they actually put Item Lines on a Sales Quote in Business Central, and your customer service employees can see this data right away in Business Central.

Business processes for B2B Ecommerce in Dynamics 365 Business Central

No updating is required

All Business Central processes can be used in the ecommerce-store. If you create a new discount agreement for a specific customer with a complicated calculation in Business Central, it will take effect in the online store immediately.

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B2B Ecommerce pricing

The B2B Ecommerce app is build on top of the Master Data Information app, and the subscription includes both apps as a bundle.

The pricing starts from € 135 / $ 155 per month, and it depends on your size and requirements. To give you an idea about the price level, on average, our customers pay around € 270 / $ 310 per month. The implementation project has a fixed price of € 5400 / $ 6100 including training for your users on how to configure and maintain the store.

Compare this to launching a traditional stand-alone b2b-store and integrating it with your Business Central.

Please get in touch and we will quickly calculate an exact and fixed price for you.


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Single user is DKK 120,00.
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If you have the Bundle

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At all times we will keep you informed about who is working on your support inquiry and how soon you can expect a response.

Free Q&A session
Participate in our free Q&A session. Ask your question to our B2B e-commerce expert, Anders Thue Pedersen.
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