Fulfill all Sales Orders intelligently with Assign Quantity

The Assign Quantity app is your reservation-replanning helper.

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Main Benefits of Assign Quantity

For the Salesperson:

  • Sales Reps can 100% trust availability on the sales order. And Assign Quantity will do the re-planning and reservation-juggling in the back.
  • If items are not available, Assign Quantity will offer alternatives, like a later delivery date.

For the Planner:

  • With Assign Quantity it becomes easy to change assigned quantities on Sales Orders. If supply orders changes, you can reassign all demand orders in one go – in the order they were entered.
  • Assign Quantity makes sure the first entered Sales Orders get the items you have promised.

Getting started with Reverse Planning

Download and install now

Install the Assign Quantity app from Microsoft AppSource. Only available on the cloud-edition of Business Central.

Pricing and details

Read more about the Assign Quantity app and calculate your subsciption.