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Every company has their own layout for documents like invoices, order confirmations, delivery notes, etc. You need documents in your own design. You need specific data on specific documents. And maybe you need different content depending on the customer or item.

Your solution includes an app called ‘Document Customizer’ that enables you to customize your documents. Read more »

It offers great possibilities that cannot be done at all in the standard solution. Watch this video to understand the potential of this tool:

Video Document Customizer »

First things first. Begin by watching these videos that introduces you to the customizing tool. Please note, the app has changed name from Dynamic Reports to Document Customizer, and you will probably hear the old name in some videos, until we have updated everything.

We hope you now see the potential of the document customizing tool.

Please decide now, which documents you would like to customize – and if you would like to take advantage of some of the advanced features, like language handling, templates, scheduling, document version management, customer or item dependent data, master data field merge, etc.

For a deep-dive, watch these videos »

You need to test your customizations in a copy of your company in Business Central. If you want to see what the layout of the invoice looks like, you must of course have a posted invoice. And since you do not want to create dummy invoices for testing in the company you are preparing for go-live, we recommend you make a copy of the company for testing purposes.

The procedure is therefore to set up your document customizations in your live company. Then copy it and post an invoice to test the layout.

Customize the documents in your Business Central.
Make a copy of your company as explained in this video so you can test your customizations.
Video How to copy a Company in Business Central »
Have you customized all relevant documents, included the necessary data and applied your own layout?
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