Set up integrations

Most companies need to exchange data with external systems and databases.

You may want to exchange EDI files with customers and suppliers. Or import item catalogs from suppliers. Or synchronize master data with the webshop. Or withdraw orders from the webshop and update inventory on the webshop. Or exchange documents with freight forwarders.

The possibilities are endless, and all companies need data exchange in one or more areas.

The integration app for Business Central

Your solution includes the app ‘Dynamic Data Exchange’, which is an easy way to set up integrations and data imports – without having to develop custom import functionality.

First, you must decide which integrations you need – and make a list of external systems, data suppliers and recipients. For each of these, please research the format and structure of data and how you can connect to the data.

How to set up integrations

We are definitely going to produce a video about this. We just haven’t come to that yet. Sorry. But luckily it’s quite simple, so you can easily follow this step-by-step guide that brings you through everything.

For each integration on you todo list, follow the step-by-step guide and set up your integrations in Business Central.
Have you set up the needed integrations?
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