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You have now received the login details for your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It includes setup information in approximately 150 standard tables such as the chart of accounts, VAT setup, payment terms, posting setup and much, much more.

Everything is ready for you to use. Read more »

1. Get an overview of the solution

Here, you can see five videos that will introduce you to the processes covered by Business Central:

Video Walk-through of the Basic Processes »
Video Introducing the very basic areas of Business Central »
Video Introducing the more specialized areas of Business Central »
Video The ERP users basic focus on either Money or Quatities »
Video Where lies the boundaries of an ERP system? »

2. Learn the basic operation

If you already know Business Central, you may well breeze through this topic. If not, we recommend you watch lots of videos about the basics of using Business Central.

We start with a series of videos about the Business Central user interface. Watch more »

3. Check what’s been supplied

You now know what the standard solution looks like – and now you should look at the setup that has been supplied to you with Abakion Go. We give you an overview in this video:

Video A short introduction to the Best Practice Company Setup »
Now it’s your turn to log into your Business Central solution. Look at the same things in the standard setup as you’ve just seen in the video. Check that you think everything looks the way it should.
Do you have access to everything?
Can you find your way to the same setup as you saw in the video? Do you have access to everything, and have you opened some menu items without getting error messages from the system?
Can you find your way around – and do you feel confident about carrying on with the job?
You do not need to understand everything, but it is important that you are in good spirits and still expecting to be able to carry out the tasks in the project. If you are in the dark about Business Central, watch some more videos on before continuing.
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