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Now to get down to work. Your first job is to get access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. You need to answer some questions, then we can give you access to your own Business Central, including the best practice template with all the setups and the standard chart of accounts.

What is the legal name of your company?
What is the VAT registration number of your company?
What is your telephone number?
What phone number can we contact you on if we have questions while preparing your solution?
Which country is your company legally registered in?
First, verify that Microsoft has released Business Central in your country. It is a prerequisite for us to deliver. See the list of countries here. It is one of the last pages of the document that is about Business Central.
To purchase a cloud solution from Microsoft, you must be familiar with their Cloud Agreement, which is the conditions for your use of their cloud solutions.

Open the Cloud Agreement document in English here.

You may also read about the agreement in other languages here.

Have you downloaded and accepted Microsoft Cloud Agreement?
Do you already use Office 365?
If you are already on Office 365, we want to make sure you have single sign-on with other Microsoft online services. It is important to connect your ERP to your Office 365 account. Otherwise, you will not be able to export data from ERP to Excel. Please note, this can ONLY be done now, not later.

If you answered ‘No’ because your business does not use Office 365 / Microsoft 365, then you can skip this section and hit ‘Not applicable’ in the next box.

If you answered ‘Yes’, you must now add us as an additional manager of your Microsoft 365 so we can add your new Dynamics 365 Business Central. Read more »

Have you authorized Abakion at Microsoft?
Which language do you want your setup in?
The chart of accounts is where it particularly makes a difference which language you select. The chart of accounts template supplied can of course be amended by you afterwards. But the choice of language is binding. A total of about 150 tables will be set up, and a lot of them will have setup information in the language, according to your choice.
Do you want the Income Statement or the Balance Sheet to come first in the chart of accounts?
Which currency code is to be your accounting currency code?
This means the currency code that all your ledger entries will be converted to, and that the chart of accounts will be read in.
How many Locations would you like posting setup to be performed for?
You need not use the locations later if you don’t want to. And you can always rename them to something other than our suggestions, to match your reality. By stating at the outset how many you need, though, you enable us to get the inventory posting setup fully ready for you.

When you have answered all the questions above, you are ready to order your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

When you answer YES to the question below, you will set our people to work getting Business Central ready for you to log in. Note: you cannot subsequently change the above answers – so please just check your answers above one more time.

Do you want to request access to your Business Central?
Answering YES commits you, because it sets us to work. You can’t just change your mind after answering YES.

Once you’ve requested access to your Business Central, stand by for an email notification from us.
We will send your login details by email. Once you’ve received them, watch this video to see how to log on to the system:

Video How to sign in and out of Business Central »
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